expectations become a nightmare

expectations become a nightmare

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 6 March 2020

When we plan our fishing trip or holiday, we put lot of expectations over those. I was last week snowmobile guiding in Finnish and Swedish lapland. I knew them from earlier trip and as guide I had expectations how they will do. I know that they had some also but more like about route and nature than about me. We had great time, I think all of us had and it was mostly because none of us put too much expectancy over trip. They were better drivers than earlier so I was suprised and for them landscape was something they couldn’t even imagine before trip and always variable.

Why it is so difficult with fishing trips? I went this trap last summer once and have seen other people going over and over again. Especially when you are using guided trips it is even more easier ruin your holiday. We guides can make difference but we are still not rainmakers. I know some guides who praise their waters over everything. Yes you need to do that but be sure that your waters are worth of that. I’m more like realistic which sometimes cause that I’m not booked. I’m not salesman really. Why I’m like that? I don’t  want my guest ruining their trips before it has even started.

I did it almost to myself last summer. We went to Sweden over weekend. I knew river, I knew how and where to fish. I knew that there is lot of big graylings and trouts. I knew flies etc. I was full of expectations when we started, I was looking once again world class fishing in short time. What happened? When we arrived I noticed that water level is extremely low, not good sign but I still kept my high hopes. And that almost ruined my weekend, fish were hard to find, everything looked good for hatching but nothing really happened. Just before license ended I got some nice graylings and trip saved. I can still remember how frustrated I was about fishing on that point even companion and everything around was great.

My point is that guide will help you but you are the one who will make it great. If you have high hopes to your trip about how much and how big fishes you will get, you will most likely be dissapointed afterwards. You have to be realistic, have big expectations but be realistic. Dream about trip, imagine that it will be your record breaking but don’t be daydreaming.

Let’s see how I can do this. I have few great trip coming to this year. Maybe I fall this pitfall or maybe I can avoid it. Have great trips and enjoying those with companions. In the end there is lot more than catching fish on the trips. (even it is most important thing)

Keep your feets on the ground and go fishing

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