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BFCC in June

BFCC in June

Tracy&James | Sunday, 18 June 2023

The next few weeks will be busy for the BFCC as we have another event at Dodleston, Cheshire, which is the local event for James and myself; plus we’ll be supporting the Scottish Game Fair in Scone Palace, Perth.

The Dodleston Meeting has been arranged to align with the SIM Fishing Festival weekend that is being held in Castel Del Sangro, Italy over the weekend of 24/25 June to celebrate World Fly Fishing Day on the 24th June. We attended the Italian SIM Festival last year and provided distance casting demos. We had a great time and loved Italy and look forward to going back again sometime for more fishing.

This will be the third BFCC Meeting this year and we have had some amazing casting competitions already, with the last one being so close for the overall winner – only two points split the top three competitors. For this meeting the competition is also potentially going to be great considering who is planning to attend, plus we have the new production #7Celestial line to try and Steve will be with us competing to challenge for the overall winner too. Hopefully our junior member Callum will be fit enough to attempt to beat the S55 and accuracy junior records, to add to the one he already has(his very last chance before he’s 18).

We always have brilliant casting instructors at our events and gain such positive feedback from attendees. This meeting we only have one amazing instructor but he intends to run some group sessions so that everyone gets some instruction. Attendance for instruction only will have to be restricted to a first come (actually register) first served basis.

Later in the month James and I will travel up to Scone Palace, Perth, for the Scottish Game Fair where we are running the first round of the Game Fair combined (trout distance, accuracy and salmon overhead) casting competition.  We have already had plenty of interest from Scottish casters about entering this, so again we’re hopeful of an extremely competitive competition.  Unlike previous Scottish game fairs, this competition is open to everyone so no one is excluded.  The winner and runner up in Scotland will get an invite to the final to be held at the Welsh game fair where the overall game fair champion will be determined.  On our way there, we will be stopping off to fish the river Clyde and then,after the GF, we will be staying on to fish the river Tay – for trout rather than salmon. It will be our first time at this GF and we are being supported by a brilliant array of people who have arranged everything, so James and I just need to turn up with the casting gear and run the competitions. This time the distance casting competitions will be over water rather grass as in previous years, although we will run the accuracy event over grass as it is much easier to mark.

This weekend we’re meeting friends to enjoy some local heritage, and local alcohol, plus spending some time with both our parents as Sunday in the UK is Father’s Day. Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy