Sexyloops - Between Rain Showers

Between Rain Showers

Between Rain Showers

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 4 August 2023

Weather turned to extremely sensitive, that is what we say when any dark cloud will drop water. Start of the week was warm and the rain that was forecast never showed up. We made kerppu, cut branches from birch and drying leaf, food for reindeer over the wintertime.

Wednesday short evening fishing with Thomas at the river. In first spot few rise on fly, no catch. It was very warm and heavy wind. Second spot I was planning was full of cars, it is last holiday week here, so fishermen still here. Next week will be much more quiet.

So I had to find spot to fish, we drove around river and got access to spot where we had been fishing few weeks ago. Water level was surprisingly high comparing to the upper part. All side streams and brooks are giving water between spot one and three. Few small graylings and trout, one okay grayling.

Yesterday it was then rain, rain, rain... and some short periods between. I did some farm work and got nice nap in afternoon when raining. Evening cleared out and some nice sunshine. Satu went to pick mushrooms with Killa and it took way too long start to go fishing for me.


I was gambling to go or not... eventually I went to our lake. When arrived to the lake there was only one rise, no hatching, it was dead. Anyway I decided to take boat and go if something would happen, if nothing else it would be casting training. I went pretty much middle and set up gears, when I got all ready some rises started to happen.

There was set of three or four rainbow trout rising just 30 feet from me. I got good shot on that. Then I saw rings all over the lake, first I thought that massive hatching is starting. Nothing hits on boat or me, I looked again and yes rain drops... not heavy one, just like ouch, what a sensitive cloud. I really had to look that which cloud it is. One big jump, and lake was dead again. Now it was more rain coming, enough to wet my shoulders. In five minutes  rain was gone, I waited and fish start to rise again carefully there and there. Nothing close by so I fished near water plants, I took fly in and got strike, hold it one second and gone. I had klinkhammer and small ant.

I moved slowly closer where fish were rising, got a good shot... and rain drops came again. Same as before, a sensitive cloud, this one was shorter but afterwards it took longer time that rises started again. I was fishing slow and carefully bank. Strike and miss.

I have to concentrate more, new rise on fly and fish on. Nice fight, landed about 4 lb rainbow trout. That will be smoked on Friday with my parents. New strike and miss, new rain drops and dead lake. No rain, rises again, strike and fish on. Beautiful 2 lb rainbow trout, that can go back. 

It was time to go back home. Looks like that this evening it could be similar fishing, between rain drops.

Have nice weekend and go fishing!

Mika the Legend