Sexyloops - Autumn Sea Trout

Autumn Sea Trout

Autumn Sea Trout

Viking Lars | Saturday, 17 September 2022

Halfway through September equals sea trout run. It’s been going on since the middle of summer (the tradition says that the first sea trout enter then rivers at summer solstice), but now, there are enough sea trout that they disturbed one another in their lies. The longer they are in the rivers, the harder the become to catch, so a little disturbance from fresh sea trout and stir things up a little, every now and then making them easier to catch.

There’s a small stream, not far from home, that I last fished maybe 20 years ago. Then it was far up in the system, for brown trout. There weren’t many, but some and the occasional 50cm specimen. After many years of lobbying, a small local group has succeeded in having a large dam removed, creating free passage for the sea trout far up the system. They have been restoring spawning redds and generally creating a more natural river.

Sea trout usually respond promptly to these opportunities and by now there’s a decent sea trout fishery. So I’ve joined the club and I’ll take some days down there this fall.

It’s difficult fishing - the river flows thorough a large forest. In the best of the runs, there are “only” trees tight along the bank, but In other passages, the river is nearly overgrown. That makes it very, very beautiful, almost picturesque, but obviously hard to fish with a fly rods. That of course has the advantage that it’s not heavily fished.

Fishing that sort of river demands some specialty tackle. A short rod, heavy enough to handle a biggish sea trout and keep it from running, in which case it’ll be impossible to follow through the forest and past the trees. I prefer a softish one this morning I asked Paul to design one and have it ready and delivered in a fortnight. I got the impression that wasn’t feasible. Customer service, these days…

I have a 7’6” softish 5-wt ready with some custom made shooting heads and a light weight Skagit system. I’ll be experimenting which works better.

Of course I also optimise my flies. The river is small and clear, so big, heavy tubes are no (they are also impossible to cast). Today I’m tying size 6 hooks as the one in the PoD. Dull colours are often good. Later on, after a bike ride, I’m onto similar flies on small tubes with just a little more weight to quickly get down in the deeper holes and section, before the stream carries the fly too far across.

I can’t wait, really.

Have a great weekend!