Sexyloops - April fools' day

April fools' day

April fools' day

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 1 April 2022

Last weekend we had short break after winter season. We went to Rovaniemi and slept a lot and eat even more. We did some shopping for coming trip, that was kind of tricky part. It is still winter so there are not really summer clothes on sale yet. Reels I have to buy online and also some other things. Monday I had meeting with dam company again.

As I told earlier they have dropped permit for building pass flow. There are few points which I was not happy about in application. One was something what I pointed out in December allready. Their plan is kind of three part: upper part is natural, then pool and low part is technical. Idea is good and understandable.

There are two big issues how I see it. First is that upper part is only 3 meters wide and second that flow will be max 3 cubes per second and flow will be closed during winter. In our first meeting I told them that upper part should be like small river so there could be some local habitant growing, spots for fish to live all year round. That issue was kind of pushed away and we talked some other things on that time.

Now I bring that up again. I was more prepared and also now we all knew what are the numbers that they have used in application. We had good discussion about getting more flow and it should be all year round. I was worried if low flow and closing it would be kind of money issue for them. I told that they have earned plenty enough during years so they can’t go behind that. I was told that in fact it is not money or amount of water.  It was based more when fish are going up and down. We had good talk and now I’m crossing my fingers that they will make upper part wider with more water every day of the year. Application can take time, so from now every time I meet them I will bring this in their face.

We had nice chat around issue. I’m not sure if I can make difference, still if I have change to influence, I will do it. They asked why no-one else is coming to talk, like I do. It is kind of obvious, when you have this kind of contact with dam company, it is possible that people start talk that you are on company side. They asked why I’m not worried about that. To be honest I don’t give a shit what people talk about me around this dam issue. I know my side and won’t back up. I don’t make a loud noise about, what I’m doing, I’m not writing on new papers or even taking much part on chats on social media.

I try to deliver my message to dam company straight. Time will show how it went. I don't have too high an expectation, still I do have hope that things are getting right and better. At least they are listening first time for years. How they act is different story.

Have a nice weekend and make a difference

Mika the Legend

Ps. Maybe the whole flow pass is just April fools’ day joke, I hope it is not.