A Winter Win

A Winter Win

Matt Klara | Sunday, 16 December 2018

One thing that I’ve noticed about writing the FP over the last 11+ years is that it is a lot easier if I’ve been fishing recently. It gets even easier if the fishing has been interesting, the catching successful, or the adventure exciting. So it was this week.

I wrote about winter fishing the last time I was up on the FP, and how I select when, where, and how to fish.  Well, my schedule freed up enough the other day that I had the better part of the day to get out on the water.  Aside from it being a bit windy, the temperatures were unseasonably warm (low 40s), and a couple friends of mine were able to join in.  I had a shiny new flyrod to try out for the first time.  Everything was happening.  It was a go.

December seems to be a bit hit or miss here for me, for whatever reason.  It may be my least favorite month to trout fish in fact.  But, fishing is better than not fishing, and I headed to the river with modest expectations.  Well, it turned out to be one of those days where pretty much everything went right!  I had a nice walk to the area we wanted to fish.  For those of you who work in offices or at computers, you know the simple pleasures of a nice walk outside on a Thursday afternoon.  The fish were also right where I expected them to be - in the winter water.  Some were even still hanging out in more summery lies, which was a nice surprise.  The water was cold, but I suspect it was on a warming trend as the fish were really grabby.  I had a nymphing rod along with me, but I never felt the need to string it up as the trout were happy to grab my swung offerings.  As it often turns out, when the trout are active, the rest of nature seems active as well.  While fishing I was treated to sighting of plenty of birds, including a couple of bald eagles, and a group of five swans.  A nice mule deer buck crossed my path, then stopped and looked me over.  He seemed glad that hunting season was over, but I’m only guessing there.  My insulated mug kept my coffee warm and ready for my arrival back at the truck after fishing.  It was good to see my friends again.  It was the kind of day that keeps you going through the work week, and one that you’d like to recreate again sometime this winter.

Until next time.

Take Care and Fish On,