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A First Time For Everything

A First Time For Everything

Andy Dear | Monday, 8 May 2023

Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars...
---Evil Knievel

  Last week while carrying a large box of inventory out of my building, I stepped down into a small depression into the ground and rolled my ankle. This has been a pretty common occurrence for me over the past 18 years, as I rolled it really severely back in 2005, and it's never really been as "tight" as it was before that injury. Ironically enough, that incident occurred under almost the exact same circumstances.....carrying a large bundle of rod blanks into my storage building!

  This injury seemed different though, so I decided to go to the local clininc the next day for an X-ray. Sure enough...FRACTURED LATERAL MALLEOLUS!!! Unbelievable to me, as at 53 years old, this is the first bone I have ever broken in my body! Thankfully they gave me a removable boot to wear, instead of a plaster cast which has made life a bit more tolerable. So, the plan at this point is 4 weeks in the boot, then a follow-up with an orthopedic doctor, then a bit of physical therapy, and hopefully a return to normal.
Here's the funny thing though; when I returned from the clinic, I wasn't really in any pain. So, what did I do? GRABBED THE 6 WT. AND HIT THE DISTANCE CASTING FIELD! In the interest of full disclosure, I forced myself to only cast for about 30 minutes, but I did have one zinger that zipped out to 108'. Not bad for a redneck with a broken hoof.

  I think the thing that I am most excited about is seeing how a properly lined saltwater rod performs in my hands after having cast with a severely underlined rod with a radically different line taper for the last several weeks. Should make sight fishing on the flats an absolute breeze!
For now though, per doctor's orders, I'll be lying low letting this thing heal up, and doing tracking drills in the mirror in anticipation for being able to get back on the road to 120'!

Hope you all are having a great week,