Paul Arden | Saturday, 22 July 2023

As most of you might know it’s been our plan to take Sexyloops to “an ocean near you” and consequently it’s long been my focus on a Sexyloops yacht. Short of piracy, or building a Kon-Tiki raft, the obvious plan was to build a better fly rod. And so ten years ago, we started doing just this.

As a result of the development of my on-line flycasting coaching via Zoom and Snakehead guiding trips here in the Malaysian Jungle, the Hot Torpedo side of things is now a standalone business that I don’t have to dip into. Finally! And so what this means is that we can start saving for the next adventure.

By my calculations, on the back of a fly box, it’s going to take exactly 666 rods to get to the sailing boat. And so we are running a competition for these next 666 rod sales (actually, at the time of writing, it is now the next 664 rod sales), where everyone who purchases a Sexyloops fly rod will have their name go into the lucky sock. The winner’s name, pulled out of the lucky sock, will win an all-expenses paid 2-week fly fishing holiday with us, on the (yet to be named) yacht, fishing in an amazing saltwater fly fishing location. Yes, this means that we will pay your flights from wherever you are, to wherever we are, wine you, dine you, give you casting coaching lessons daily, and have a truly awesome fly fishing adventure together.

I was asked if this also applies to blanks (we do sell HT blanks!). It will – if you buy two over this time period. Which also brings up professional instructor discounts, that we sometimes give too. Also, in this case, it has to be two rods. Otherwise we will be sailing in a bathtub and that’s only enjoyable until it sinks.

So I want to get this out: the 666 Hot Torpedo lucky draw.  Of course you can’t lose because they are the world’s best fly rods anyway. And each one comes with a 1hr Zoom casting lesson with me.  What more could anyone ask for!! 


To order, or enquire about the Sexyloops rods, please email me on paul@sexyloops.com or WhatsApp me on +60198549552 and Good Luck!!!


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