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The end of an era:, the beginning of the Hot Tortuga

Paul Arden - Tuesday, February 20, 2024

As many of you will know my Sexyloops master craftsman rod builder has been Lee; a bearded pirate, living in Hastings. It was never a full-time job for Lee, and he actually has a full time job! A few days ago he informed me that he just doesn’t have the time to build anymore and I fully understand this. Life is partly about what we do for a living — but it’s also very much about how we live when we are not working. We all need free time. I certainly appear to have this work/life/fishing balance thing… well anyway…

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Technical Support

Andy Dear - Monday, February 19, 2024

"Those who say there are no stupid questions have never worked in technical support" ---Unknown

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Tracy&James - Sunday, February 18, 2024

Well another week of high, milky-coffee coloured rivers has meant that Tracy and I didn't get out fishing yet again. Desperation is starting to set in so this weekend we booked another trip to the Bahamas for some saltwater fishing. At least we're guaranteed to get out fishing there, although the weather (as per our trip in November) can be a bit wild at times. Actually we have a friend who is out there right now and he's said, and I quote, “it's windy as f***”. Now Tracy and I always travel with the assumption that it's going to be blowing a gale, and we train our casting for combating the wind before we go. As such, the distance practice that has not long started is going to make way for accuracy training on our windy days with a particular emphasis on backhand shots and drilled tight loops, both front and back.

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Viking Lars - Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fly fishing is I suppose a strange pastime, hobby or - for some - a life style. With so many different approaches, species to fish for and more or less people doing it there are plenty of areas where disagreements might come to dominate the bonfire after a day’s fishing. When is a grilse no longer a grilse, but a salmon? Some say a salmon is over 5kg. Can you use shooting heads for trout fishing? Does the fly matter? Which insect were the trout feeding on earlier today? Is nymph fishing even fly fishing? And then of course - that thing we do not mention to preserve peace. Read on at your own peril. Arbitrary opinions may occur.

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Enough is enough

Mika Lappalainen - Friday, February 16, 2024

Sunday we had day off. After feeding reindeers I did casting practise, 15 minutes and hands were freezing cold and line as cable. It was -18 celsius with breeze. I went warm up and did another training with videos. Temp was just dropping. I was pretty happy even both of the sessions were short like 15 minutes. You just can't do longer ones without breaking gears or getting frozen.

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Elephants Eat Peanuts

Martyn White - Thursday, February 15, 2024

The cold has persisted here in Japan, and there were public holidays while I was off so I didn't go fishing, I never do. An odd missed Monday is a small price to pay for the angler-free rivers I usually get thanks to my nonstandard weekend. So I had a bit of time at the vice and dug the crampons out and knocked off another couple of mountains.

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A Brief History of Times (and Bullshit) Part 2

Chris Avery - Wednesday, February 14, 2024

An excerpt from “The Confessional of a Dry Fly Expert” by Prof.Smedley ‘Rolly’ Wallop:- My eager anticipation is such that the first train of the morning delivers me early to this beautiful valley.  I look upon the pristine waters from a distance and decide the best option is disturb nothing and wait. I smoke my pipe and write my journal for a fruitful hour when the first few Iron Blue duns lift of the water and  I reason that the morning hatch is upon me! Wasting no time I tie on a Wallops Iron Blue, always a particularly killing pattern of mine, now made murderous with the body improved with a wrap of hair taken from near the Scrotum of a Gallway/Angus Bull and ribbed with the gold thread from a button of a Grenadier Guardsman.

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Solving problems

Paul Arden - Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Well I still haven’t solved my popper hooking woes with Giant Snakehead. It’s a tough time just now on the lake. Afternoons are windy as hell, which makes boat positioning hard work, especially on your own! But more concerning to me is that the last three Snakehead eats have all spat the hook.

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Harry Spear

Andy Dear - Monday, February 12, 2024

Back in August of 2020, I wrote a piece about a Florida Keys fishing guide turned skiff builder named Harry Spear. Over the course of numerous conversations spanning close to 3 years, I've come to realize that Harry and I have a lot in common that go far beyond our love of fishing.

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Long term adaptions

Paul Arden - Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday is my recovery day. About a year ago I discovered a very long Zwift ride. For those who don’t know, Zwift is an indoor bike training platform. You can race, you can do workouts on your own, and the part that I really enjoy, is group workouts. In group rides you are “banded” together, with the trainer resistance being set by the training workout program relative to your FTP. Your FTP is what you can hold all-out for an hour. (That’s the short story).

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Small and big

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Scottish salmon rivers are famous for many things, most notably maybe the Spey for the Spey cast. The Spey cast was also called the Welsh cast and I think that name may even precede the name associated with the cast today. They’re both D-loop casts and know from before 1850. There were a number of different casts known by the time of the late 19th century, where - through numerous publicatins - the techniques and intricacies of salmon fishing became known to a wider audience.

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It didn't last

Mika Lappalainen - Friday, February 9, 2024

Last week it was warmer, heavy wind and snowing. Satu did her training in the morning before coming to farm and I did mine before going home. It was kind of chilly because of the wind but otherwise it was okay. We had plan that this week on Sunday we would have next session with Yoda. I haven't locked that in because we haven't been able to practise this week and forecast for Sunday doesn't look good. We have day off, which is weird.

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Gateway drugs

Martyn White - Thursday, February 8, 2024

Tokyo was hit with a cold snap and an unusual amount of snow this week, and out where I live it was worse. So instead of going down the river and trying to sight fish in a blizzard, I arranged to meet Canadian John and Hawaiian Dave for some drinks and food in Hooters, but the real reason was that Dave and I had got John a fly rod set for some kind of late Christmas/early birthday gift.

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A Brief History of Bullshit ( and time).

Chris Avery - Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Smedley Wallop, dreaming of the day ahead, blissfully overslept and missed the first train. This is not meant as a cocky summation of his existence on this “blasted” planet, just a simple statement of fact. However this example of his drive and determination summed up his entire wasted life perfectly. The other thing that summed him up, was the hatred of anything new. Not like a new unopened bottle of Hennesy Cognac, or a fresh new cotton drill night shirt with a soft turned collar and buttoned neck just as he liked them. They reminded him of nanny who undressed him nightly until he was 19 years of age, with her thrillingly cold hands.. No it was new boots and Pyjamas and hat style things he couldn’t abide, and these damn epicene women who try to talk about politcs. Them and Split Cane fishing rods, but he was finally coming around to the latter.

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New Sexyloops Coming!

Paul Arden - Tuesday, February 6, 2024

I’m upgrading the Board software today so that I can upgrade the PHP version running Sexyloops. The current Sexyloops Content Management System (CMS) is coming to the end of its useful life, and so I plan a new Sexyloops CMS as well as a new Sexyloops look. This is going to be quite expensive because I’ll need some professional help, so if you are thinking of buying a Sexyloops fly rod or two then now is a very good time!!

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Road Run-off

Tracy&James - Sunday, February 4, 2024

This week there have been a number of news articles about pollution from roads entering our rivers and water courses. I hadn't previously realised that this pollution was ranked the third most damaging source after agriculture and sewage. The articles predominantly covered England and in particular mentioned the a river near to where we used to live, the River Lambourn, a chalk stream, in Berkshire. The Lambourn's crystal clear water winds through Welford Park, before passing underneath the M4 motorway and at that point it can be clearly seen that the river bed is coated with a brown and murky 'gunk'. Local campaigners have taken samples of this and found high levels of pollutants.

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I don't know

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 3, 2024

Salmon fishing is odd - fishing for a fish that has stopped eating, once it enters the rivers where they are among the most coveted species to catch. Kings and queens of the rivers, some say. Personally I don’t find a salmon more attractive to catch than a brown trout, a grayling, a sea trout or a pike. Or maybe I do - at the moment at least, because most of my fishing (certainly the limited amount of travelling for fishing I do) seems to revolve around salmon.

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Winter storm

Mika Lappalainen - Friday, February 2, 2024

Sunday we had first zoom lesson from Yoda. We have permission ro use horse hall now and then, basically once a week mostly Saturday or Sunday. Satu had first her lesson and then I had mine. You could say some basics to both us. It was good reminder and some great tips from Paul. No wonder that feedback about his zoom lessons are overhelming. My issue is that most of the things are saved in my computer, some call them brains. The thing is that it is not on muscles yet.

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Tougher than boots

Martyn White - Thursday, February 1, 2024

With Hawaiian Dave arriving back from Thailand last week after the great seabass session I had with Raslan, I was under pressure to go out in the bay again. Surprisingly when he messaged me on Sunday, there was still a slot available for Monday night. So, despite the good forecast I scrapped my carping plans and we arranged to meet at the dock.

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