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Positioning for the Shot

Paul Arden - Sunday, August 14, 2022

James and Tracy are competing at the World Championships in Norway and will send in their report soon. I’ve had patchy Internet and so haven’t been able to follow the Championships closely – but from what I’ve seen I think Bernt has done well!! – and so I look forward to reading the full report soon. I’m driving down the lake in a squall. It always amazes me how quickly these lakes blow up from mirror calm to white caps. Basically quicker than the time it took me to write my first sentence!! And it’s something I always have to take into consideration when mooring the battleship to a stump, quite often the stumps break free. Ok… now I’m surfing the waves!

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Somewhere down the lake…

Paul Arden - Saturday, August 13, 2022

Opportunities to fish with me here in Malaysia for the rest of this year, means that I’m available for approx one week this month and I have another free week at the beginning of September. The lake is fishing well at the moment. I’m also booking October/November/December which are three prime months. I have bookings but also available time. Please do get in touch if you are interested. All Covid travel restrictions have been lifted for the fully vaccinated coming to Malaysia.

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Norwegian trick

Mika Lappalainen - Friday, August 12, 2022

I got message from someone and he said that he would like to talk with me. I asked if he is around Kuusamo and answer was that he can be. I said that I'm home so yes we can talk. Next day he arrived to our farm, after driving 500 km. I would say that is long distance to come and talk with someone.

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Building Confidence

Martyn White - Thursday, August 11, 2022

I've always been a big fan of worm flies, both in fresh and salt water. I really like them for carp in a lot of situations, most rivers have annelids of some variety in them and I've found over the years that even in waters where the carp are largely predatory, they find it hard to pass up a worm.

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Volunteer … Or Not

Carol Northcut - Wednesday, August 10, 2022

I have two retired friends completely immersed in two different volunteer organizations as leaders. Both want to make a difference, and they are. One seems to get a lot of satisfaction out of it and loves navigating the politics. Perhaps it’s because he thoroughly believes in the cause which, admittedly, is a good one. Perhaps he loves being “in the know” while making a difference. Or perhaps it provides him a sense of purpose in his retirement. I don’t know his mind, but whatever the underlying reasons, he seems to love spending up to 40 hours a week at it and is thriving.

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An excellent month on the lake

Paul Arden - Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I really enjoyed last month and not just because it’s good to be working again but also because the company was fantastic. I started off training George and Declan from Tasmania how to find and make shots at Snakehead (we had had a Zoom session prior to their visit). They each caught a fish with me on their respective first days which certainly helped and made me feel good! And then Richard returned for an 8 day stay and he too did well on the boat with me, also catching fish on his first full day and more afterwards.

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Living Vicariously

Andy Dear - Monday, August 8, 2022

Vicarious---living in a way that is experienced in the imagination through the actions of another person. ---Merriam Webster Disctionary

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Ragley GF 2022 Results

Tracy&James - Sunday, August 7, 2022

Last weekend was a busy time for us running casting competitions at the Ragley Game Fair, plus lots of drinking and socialising. I’m sure the rest of the Game Fair was good too, though James and I didn’t really get the chance to have a look around it. We concentrated on our little spot next to the lake where we had pontoons to cast off and a grassy area to run an accuracy competition. We camped right next to this area, which was perfect as we could cast all day and secure all the gear easily each night. We had all the typical British weather, glorious blazing hot sunshine with little breeze, to strong winds in to our right shoulders (making casting difficult), to heavy downpours.

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Matching tackle

Viking Lars - Saturday, August 6, 2022

I find it important to match tackle properly. There’s nothing brilliant about that - everybody does and has since forever. None the less, I’m going to share some thoughts, knowing that there are priorities than trump others and I know from my fishing friends that there are many different opinions. Finally, there are some aesthetic choices that with some fly fishers even trumps other choices and priorities. I’ve never gone quite that far. These thoughts are entirely my own and in absolutely no way dogma - there are plenty of others with other ideas just as valid, quite possibly even more valid.

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small moves makes a big difference

Mika Lappalainen - Friday, August 5, 2022

You take it on your hand. Thumb is on upper side, it feels kind of soft. You squeeze harder, no that is too hard and it doesn't feel so good anymore. So you take firm and gentle grip around it. Yes, that feels soooo good now.

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Free At Last

Martyn White - Thursday, August 4, 2022

I'm no longer trapped in my leper colony of one and have been back at the river. Luckily I've been working from home so it's been possible to spend the afternoons stalking carp on the river near my home and catch up on work once the light goes

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Carol Northcut - Wednesday, August 3, 2022

In the furtherance of the sport of fly casting, can we agree to disagree? A prime example of stalemate and polarization is the U.S. Congress. Extremists on the far reaches of both parties fail to admit the faults of their own ideals and fail to recognize the potential benefits of the other’s. The result? Nothing gets done.

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Filming fishing on Sungai Tiang

Paul Arden - Tuesday, August 2, 2022

I’m just out from filming the final episode of the TV series, this last one being filmed in Sungai Tiang for Copper Mahseer. Despite some rain discolouring the water the first day, we managed some good fishing and hopefully an excellent TV episode! It’s always fun fishing for Tengas with the Orang Asli guides and I had a couple on the Bow and Arrow Cast.

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The Secret Math Equation

Andy Dear - Monday, August 1, 2022

The secret to catching a Tarpon on a fly is to get the the fly into the fishes area of awareness without him knowing how it got there. And, when he sees it, it has to be leaving. ---Rob Fordyce

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