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Thanks Pops!

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I have not had time to write anything, which seems contradictory as I type this, since I had all last week off from work. Some might say I wasted my time. I conquered no home improvement projects nor did I embark on any trek to far off destinations. I spent the time enjoying being out of doors, being gentle to the life forms around me, reading, drinking beer, and fishing. Of course, fishing.

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Paul Arden - Monday, February 27, 2017

As you’ll see from this week’s Five Minutes of Fly Fishing I had a couple of Giant Gourami. caught not five minutes apart! These for me are the Number 1 fish in Malaysia and the most exciting, interesting and challenging dry fly fish you can ever imagine. They are surface feeders and Omnivore. I’ve seen them eating ants, large jungle duns, small buzzers (midge) and Cicada - as well as figs, weed on stumps and bankside leaves. In fact in the video you will see that the first Gourami was eating overhanging leaves and jumping out to grab them - I’ve never seen this before.

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Matt’s Fly Tying Complexity Rating

Matt Klara - Sunday, February 26, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of fly tying this winter and, as a result, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about fly tying. I’ve been thinking about techniques to some degree, but have also been thinking philosophically to some extent. Today’s FP was born of one specific philosophical trip down the rabbit hole. Quantifying the relative complexity of the flies that different anglers prefer to tie and fish.

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Danish Fly Festival and No. 666 HT 10

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 25, 2017

Next weekend is the Danish Fly Festival - one of the biggest fly-only shows in Europe - held bi-anually since it's inception in 1993. I attended my first in 1995 and have been to every single one since, and that's not going to change any time soon. I really look forward to the weekend.

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sexyloops fly tying focus - learning curve

t.z. - Friday, February 24, 2017

Learning curves … I always though I had steep learning curve when starting with fly fishing. I guess it is a typical late starter behaviour - obsessive diving into the topic absorbing everything flyfishing I also met Paul that time. He and Cral Hutchinosn taught me a lot about flycasting … I am still practicing it feel like. I started tying the same day I started flyfishing. Having a good ol´German craftsman’s background it seemed a rather natural thing to do. Flinging cheap child labour products (I know - that is not all flies in the shops - the German shops I had available back than did not have good stuff - believe me) felt wrong. That stuff also fell apart every other cast. I still remember my astonishment when the wing of a shop bought deer hair caddis disconnected from the hook with a very silent “poooh” and came down as a small cloud of hair fibres. Romantic in a way - but - fishing flies should last. Thanks to all the help I got from the nice people of the internet and some people I got know on the way my flies fished OK and lasted. ….

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My favourite bonefish fly

Tracy&James - Thursday, February 23, 2017

On the board there are a number of great fly tiers, not to mention the truly exceptional ones who write FPs, i.e. Thomas and Daniela. As such, I feel a little embarrassed showing one of my efforts, however it’s a saltwater fly that I have a lot of confidence in (and perhaps that counts for more than how well tied it is?) and is easy to tie. It’s also readily adaptable, I tie a number of variants depending on my mood or the materials I have available.

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Dress for success?

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Over the last two weekends I made two separate trips into the backcountry, specifically flyfishing for snook from a canoe. On both trips I took another fly angler with me, which is rare. On the recent trip I actually never touched a flyrod. Instead I mostly played with my new video camera and otherwise just sat back and enjoyed the show, um, I mean environment, while letting the other angler fish.

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Paul Arden - Monday, February 20, 2017

It's been an interesting couple of weeks chasing Adult Snakehead on their babies. On a good day Ashly and I are getting ~8 shots combined. Now I would like to think that out of 8 shots we would be getting six fish, and I'm sure that is possible. But the truth is the Snakehead seem more inclined to chase rather than eat! However I'm working on flies, have had some success on sunk flies and we're working on other Popper variations as you can see in this week's 5 MINS video. Vince's Loud-Mouth Diving Popper With Tongue Sticking Out may be a game-changer.

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How to tie... a tobi-pattern

Daniela Misteli - Sunday, February 19, 2017

As I promised here an other step-by-step pattern, this time a easy to tie tobifish. Of course is created for sea trout fishing but it also works with other predators like perch or what you will cast it to. So get your vise ready!

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Arctic Hare's Feet

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 18, 2017

I've written about my dislike for CDC before, and it's a double edged blade, because while CDC flies are one-fish-flies, they sometimes catch the fish that no other fly will. But those who say that the fly is clean and as-good-as-it-came-from-vice-new after a few falsecasts, they can fasle cast in a way that I can't. CDC flies have a place in my boxes, but they are reserved for the really difficult fish and they are certainly not my go-to flies.

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sexyloops fly tying focus - macroshots

t.z. - Friday, February 17, 2017

I learned ... or better said still learn tying through macro photography. Shortly after I began tying I also started taking pictures of these litte creations which mean nothing to the uneducated eye. Fluff on a hook. The "educated" nerd on the other hand can loose him/her -self in the universe of these tiny things. It´s all in ones mind. This feeling is amplified by at least 24dB when looking at the macro shots. One starts to see details one has not assumed possible. It´s really a meditation and one can think about all other stuff in live from a distance. Looking at these tiny things let´s one forget wht´s going on around oneself. - in a good way. I am now again sitting a whole night tying and taking pics. A whole night because it is never right, is it? ;-) P.S. - Danish Fly Festival 4th and 5th March 2017 coming up - we hope to see you there

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Still Struggling

Tracy&James - Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tracy and I haven’t done a lot of fishing this year (yet) for various reasons, but we have found time for some casting practice most weekends. As such, I thought I’d write an update about my preparations for the casting competition season that’s upcoming; it’s going badly – very badly. My non-distance casts feel and look normal but that’s a pretty subjective area as seeing any changes in a 45ft wiggle or an off-the-shoulder snake roll is hard to spot. However, the addition of a tape measure for distance work removes the subjectivity and cold, hard numbers are the name of the day. Currently the numbers are not to my liking!

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Fly Casting Week

Bernd Ziesche - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Germany has been covered under ice all week long. So no fishing but a lot of fly casting for me.

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The mangrove fringe.

Gary Meyer - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I guess it is apparent how desperate Paul is to have someone from the US write one of these daily topics. Hopefully I can come up with something worth the few minutes it will cost you to read on… Since this is Sexyloops and you are reading this I know you are an avid fly angler. So, I don’t have to explain to you how most people have a misconception of what flyfishing is, or why we love to do it. You have experienced looking into that void behind those clueless eyes yourself, I’m sure. The common blank stare, or the nod and cartoonish arm waving back and forth, etc.. Even most fishermen, or other outdoors enthusiasts, really don’t understand this thing called flyfishing. I think it might be better understood in other part of the world, or at least I hope so, but here in the US flyfishing often gets “dissed” by the majority. Even folks who I know personally have suggested that flyfishing is either elitist or more harshly, effeminate. And this from the folks I know! Many just admit – they don’t get it.

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The Endless Days Of Living Afloat

Paul Arden - Monday, February 13, 2017

When I tell people that I live on a boat, with my girlfriend, I'm sure they imagine something larger than a 12ft condom! And while I too imagine living on something larger some day, when the tarp is off it feels vastly more spacious than 12 feet, because of course, the stars are my ceiling and I'm without walls. In fact it's living indoors that to me feels like a prison. Even the largest mansion can never compare to living outdoors on a floating bed!

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Facebook Psychology

Matt Klara - Sunday, February 12, 2017

There is a bit of a trend going around here in the USA amongst many Facebook-using anglers. Having grown wary of the absolute deluge of caustic political commentary (both true and untrue) released in the aftermath of our most recent Presidential election, folks have taken to posting fishing photos, and encouraging others to post fishing photos. The idea is to dilute the psychologically draining “news” feed with some stuff that makes us smile, relax, and take stock.

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To jungle cock or not to jungle cock

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's a discussion as old as the salmon fly, I suppose - whether or not to put jungle cock eyes on the fly. There are two standpoint in general: Those who think they make a real difference, and those who (primarily) think they look nice on the fly.

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tz´s lifehacks - clamp

t.z. - Friday, February 10, 2017

It´s a love hate relationship with action cams ... mostly because these things are like another hand in your wallet ... once having a hero one needs tons of other stuff ... sounds familiar - well -- clamp it ;-)

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My Rod's Gone Floppy

Tracy&James - Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sometimes some of the myths surrounding fly-casting are really whacky, right up there with the flat Earth society beliefs. One such myth is that fly-rods ‘tire’ during the course of a day’s fishing or go soft if the temperature changes. No, honestly! I’ve heard this type of thing said more than once – although I didn’t establish whether the person I was conversing with at the time was also a flat Earther, perhaps there would be a correlation?

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Back into teaching and more

Bernd Ziesche - Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Just back from Chile - within the last days I have been teaching fly casting and lecturing about fly fishing for pikeperch. Inbetween I have been working on my camera equipment for filming.

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How to practise flycasting

Paul Arden - Tuesday, February 7, 2017

There's a good topic just started on the Board, "how to practise flycasting". In fact there's a few good topics right now, so if you fancy a more in-depth fishing or casting discussion this is the place to be. In this spot next week we have a new writer from the Florida Everglades. I have a solar panel coming my way from PowerFilm Solar - more about that next week - I pick it up on Thursday. Here's a small video compilation of me dicking around with the rod...

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Green Curry

Paul Arden - Monday, February 6, 2017

Apologies for the late and rather short FP; Ashly and I are driving back to Malaysia having popped up to Thailand for a Green Curry. No 'Five Minutes" of fly fishing this week because we popped up last week! I like Thailand although the South Eastern corner concerns me slightly, but it's the easiest to get to and there is a lake I've been wanting to research here just across the border, however it's going to take more research before I put the boat on the roof.

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February tying depression...

Daniela Misteli - Sunday, February 5, 2017

Every year again there is this ultimate stupid month: the February! Nearly all fishing is closed and there is nothing to do with the flyrod except casting on frozen grass - of course something cool and I'm sure Paul wouldn't have a problem to stay everyday in the garden and cast for hours but I'm driving nuts :)

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Hook sharpening

Viking Lars - Saturday, February 4, 2017

Last summer, I was sort of surprised to learn that many friends don't carry a sharpening stone for hooks. Since that day, I've asked quite a few other friends, and while some always have a stone with them, most don't. And that surprises me.

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sexyloops fly tying focus - hollywood

t.z. - Friday, February 3, 2017

anybody know why shrimp turn orange when cooked? … anyways. I love natural colours. So do fish. Fish as in those with grease fins. Am I a fucked up racist when it comes to fish? I like those with grease fins - Whitefish, Grayling and - Brown, Sea, Marble, Biwa , Cutthroat, Coastal cutthroat, Crescenti , Alvord cutthroat , Bonneville cutthroat, Humboldt cutthroat, Lahontan cutthroat, Whitehorse Basin cutthroat, Paiute cutthroat, Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat, Westslope cutthroat, Yellowstone cutthroat, Colorado River cutthroat, Greenback cutthroat, Rio Grande cutthroat, Gila, Apache, Rainbow, Kamchatkan rainbow, Columbia River redband, Coastal rainbow (steelhead), Beardslee , Great Basin redband , Golden , Kern River rainbow , Sacramento golden , Little Kern golden , Kamloops rainbow , Baja California rainbow , Nelson's , Eagle Lake , McCloud River redband , Sheepheaven Creek redband Mexican golden - TROUT. Not to forget the, Char - Brook, Bull, Dolly Varden, Lake - Trout and all it´s Atlantic cousins. - variety makes the world a richer place. But you heard me already I guess. I even attempted fishing for Pacific Salmon once … which was a sad story involving standing by the Salmon river, upstate NY with tenthousand others. Lesson learned. But that was pretty much the only fishing situation which wasn´t so super cool. The others were a blast. Thanks again to all the companions ... That was many many years ago. I ran the European office for an US company. Flights with a return earlier than a week were priced as business flights and cost 4 times more than a tourist ticket. Felt like the airlines wanted you to stay. Good for me as I so could save money and use it for fishing trips in Oregon, Nevada, California, and on the east coast and one stint to Canada.

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Photo Opportunities

Tracy&James - Thursday, February 2, 2017

In preparation for our fishing and casting activities this year, James and I needed to buy some new cameras after we had a few mishaps with the old ones. Whilst on holiday in the Bahamas, James managed to drown one camera by carefully placing it in a waterproof bag after taking a photo of me with a bonefish, only to find later that sea water had been splashed unknowingly into the bag – this camera never switched on again no matter what we tried! The other camera was found to have an aberration on the lens that resulted in difficulty on focusing and hence fuzzy photos and videos. This was probably due to it being ‘placed’, a little too enthusiastically, down on the ground after taking a photo of a fish in order to ensure that the fish was quickly and carefully released. It also started to have a life of its own when zooming, which often meant I missed a great photo opportunity and the camera nearly ending up in the water in frustration.

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