HT7 Instructor

This really is a bit of a rocket launcher. 7WT is a middle-weight distance line. In the right hands, a really fine cast will throw a MED7 145, maybe even 150’!! That’s serious distance casting territory. A six doesn’t go as far and for most people an 8 doesn’t either!

However despite the fact that the 7 line is a long distance javelin, a rod is still a fishing rod and has to be comfortable at throwing this line all fishing distances, which means from a few feet away and everything else up to max distance, excelling at short and, particularly, middle distance.

When we deigned this rod it was actually quite simple: I used the FFI MCI performance test as my testing ground. Particularly regarding Mends, Rolls and Accuracy. The distance requirement is a given!

This is actually a replacement for Jim’s existing HT7. We must have made 300 Instructor white rods over the years and never had a problem. But for some reason, Jim’s paint is falling off almost as quickly as we put it on! And so we have the replaced it :))

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Cheers, Paul

HT8 to France

A rather more subtle choice of whipping colours compared to Six Pound Sean’s excitement of last week!! This week it’s Ninja Black. Looks very nice I think, and in fact it’s the same combination as my own first custom rod that was built by Steve Parton many years ago.

This rod’s intended target is Shad (they have two species). I don’t know very much about this fish but they certainly sound like fun! I’m looking forward to learning more.

This is actually my go-to rod weight for much of my fishing nowadays. It’s the rod I use for Snakehead and Jungle Perch as well as SW flats. Comfortably fast and a bit of a machine. We call it a “cannon with finesse”.

It has been designed using a true-to-weight 8WT line. Not a 9WT line. So if you go by AFFTA you won’t go wrong. I use SA Bonefish 8 and MED8 as my go to floating lines. Also happy with the Infinity, which I know is 1/2 line heavy. I’m looking forward to testing a tropical Ballistic 8 soon too.

You can find more info on the HT8 here.  And of course feel free to email me on or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul


Another trusty HT6

This is off to Alaska in fact it was posted a few weeks ago and I’m just catching up after being temporarily blinded by Sean’s HT8 I posted last time. Navy Blue with gold trims. Nicely understated, unlike Sean’s of course

Really great to see these rods going out again. Some real problems with the post office but seem to be running smoothly now.

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An exciting HT8

Six-pound Sean never does anything by halves.  When he said he wanted Orange and Claret whippings Lee knew exactly what he meant… “exciting”.  After all, how can you possibly make the HT8 more exciting than it already is? “Impossible” thought many. But Sean had an idea that he didn’t even know about, and selected Hot Orange and Claret whippings.

We like the subtleness of the “Hot Torpedo” logo: “H T”. Perfect. We think it contrasts nicely to the hot orange whippings.

As Sean correctly points out, getting lost on the Mexican flats while fishing for imaginary bonefish is not going to be a problem for him, because Tom will know where he is at all times.

Just don’t lose your sunglasses!

You too can have a Hot Torpedo like Sean’s. Just email me on and we will get the exact colour scheme of your choosing.

Pro7 to Sweden

I love my HT7!! It’s a very interesting rod. Originally designed for the FFI Masters Test of all things, it’s really a fishing rod. It’s really a sort of streamer bashing rod. In this case, this HT7 is off to Sweden to catch some, no doubt, very large Sea Trout! Ronan wants one for backcountry NZ fishing and I think he’s onto something. And I’m sure it’s a cracking rod on the Flats.

We tried to stick this one down someone’s trouser legs but that didn’t work. So any import duties we shall pay. Obviously that’s not very sustainable and so soon these EU orders will be built in Spain.

Remember all HT orders come along with the option to have a Zoom casting session with me. We can cast, we can talk fishing, we can drink virtual or even real beer.

For more info on this rod have a look here.

And as always feel free to email me with any questions.

Cheers, Paul

HT6 to Australia for NZ!

We are having huge challenges with the UK post office at the moment, with cyber attacks and strikes. Anyway here is a HT6 for Graeme in Australia. Graeme ordered after a recent trip with Stuntman Ronan and his brother, Tim. (Graeme’s brother, not Ronan’s!)

Fitted with Snakes because Ronan recommends them! A wonderful rod that was designed with NZ backcountry in mind 🙂

As always if you want to learn more please email me on

Cheers, Paul


HT6 to USA

A rod that was sent last week to the US. We actually had this one in stock, so it sometimes happens! About one in ten HT6s are built with a Full Wells and fighting butt.

Lots of builds on the go at the moment. We are currently out of HT6 blanks but they should be arriving this week. If you would like to find out more about this or any other Sexyloops rod then please email me on (please check your filter because sometimes my address is like our rods; too sexy!) or WhatsApp me on +60198549552

Cheers, Paul

HTs in Belize

Some beautiful photos from Taylor who was fishing with his father in Belize last week. We all met for a Zoom casting session beforehand. Taylor practices his casting from the top of a small step ladder to simulate the casting height of fishing off the front of a skiff. An outstanding caster!!

HT8 and HT10s in action 😀

Always great to see HTs in action. Please send me your pictures too 😀 😀

HT8 heading out!

HT8 and HT10 for Taylor in New York. The 10 is not pictured because it’s one of our standard builds. Actually that was Taylor’s second HT10 blank since he has the Comp5 V2 already. Which is all great!!

I already have an HT10 (comp v2) and love it of course.  Even my father, who is a “gear curmudgeon”, raves about it!  The torzite titanium guides are awesome, any thoughts on putting them on the HT8?

– Yes quite a few have put the Torzites on the HT8 and all the reports back have been fantastic. We have even put them on the 7.

(was my reply!).

And I think it’s a really great option. The HT8 is my go-to Giant Snakehead rod in Malaysia and I wish mine had Torzites. Next time I will have Torzites because they definitely assist in shooting line.

Drop me an email to find out about customising options for your magic Hot Torpedo!

Cheers, Paul

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