Fishing with An Tan

An is one of my best customers; he has the full Hot Torpedo range and his girlfriend, Shermaine, owns a couple too! So by way of thanks I invited them for a few days of fishing with me in the Jungle.

An and Shermaine

Now if you’ve read anything on Sexyloops, you’ll know that I always say that the first time you come here you won’t catch any fish! Occasionally someone sneaks one past me – Flavio for example completely ignored me and caught four Snakehead on the very first day. But generally, unless you do a longer stint of a week or more, this statement still holds water.

That’s not because there are no fish here; it’s because the skill set required so that the fish sees your fly is really quite extraordinary and it takes some dedicated practise, as well as doing a few things differently. In Saltwater fly fishing for example, a discipline where quality casting is required, it’s often possible to put the fly anywhere within two metres and still catch the fish. Indeed sometimes they will swim many more metres than this to take your fly. Here you don’t have this luxury and instead need to put the fly, quite literally, in an area the size of a dinner plate, without warning and you have only one second to do so.

The chase is on!

An is a fast learner (and already an excellent caster) and so while he didn’t land any fish this trip, on the second day with me he had a couple of follows (three to be precise) and on last day he hooked a Snakehead briefly and – wait for it – also hooked a Gourami. (He did everything right with the Gourami; it only didn’t stick because it was his first time here).


Lots of fun. It would have been nice to see some fish, and I’m sure that next time he will. Remember if you have a full set of Hot Torpedos you too can join me for a couple of days Jungle Fishing!  Talking of which,  Christmas is over; it’s  time to start buying tackle again.  🙂

The New and the Ugly

This is an interesting one. Sakari for years has been experimenting with fibreglass butt sections (carbon tips) for true lifting power, quite literally picking up 10kg buckets from the top floor of a house. When we got together at the Worlds in Cumbria I was very surprised when I cast his rods to find out a) how well the cast and b) how well they fought! In fact I was convinced straight away and told him so – thanks Sakke!

Mikael Blomberg managed to crack the experimental HT12 picking up 100ft of line in a carry competition – so that was a  good test!  Alejandro has since strengthened that section in Spain with some cross weave carbon. We have it back in action now.

Here in England, Lee Martell (Sexyloops Rod Artist) had a couple of old Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods laying around, one of which he stripped and rebuilt for the lower section of the HT12 and so now we have the new prototype HT12 and HT12u to test. Exciting stuff – it might be a bit over-gunned for Snakehead but I shall give it a go, and then pass it on to someone who has GTs in his backyard.

Quite the transformation!
Lee has since said that he will “never do this again” 😀
The HT12u top and the original 12 prototype butt below.

It’s fun doing this stuff 😀

Golden Dorado on HT8

Photos just in from Tim Kempton who has been having a lot of fun!



I travelled with an Irish friend Fergus to Argentina via Paraguay and the Iguazu Falls to the IberaWetlands Reserve on the Corrientes River in Northern Eastern Argentina.  This Wetlands Reserve of 1.3 million hectares is one of the most important in South America, and was established to preserve many of the endangered fish, animals and birds.  We stayed at Pira Lodge on the border of the National Park, and fished the wetlands by flats boat.  Jose was our guide. We marvelled at his knowledge of all the “roads” and “tracks” through the marshes. He zipped through this virtual maze at 25 knots...frequently stopping to clear weed from the propeller.m

Our fishing was from 8 am to 12, and then 4 pm to 8pm. A 3 hour siesta is standard in Argentina. Dinner at 9. The meals were Cordon Bleau, as they had some of the most renowned chefs in Argentina. No ordinary fishing camp! Fergus has been practising Spanish and did a great job with the translation.Fergipedia was our constant source of information.

Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) are a prized freshwater sport fish in the central parts of South America. They are not related to the saltwater mahi mahi (dorado). The prime season is during the summer from November to April. They are temperature sensitive and prefer the hotter weather(20-28oC). They move up and down the riversdepending on the water temperature. They strike aggressively, have a large head with powerful jaws filled with sharp, fly destroying teeth.  The are a magnificent golden colour, hence the name. You know when you have hooked a Dorado, there is a large boil behind the fly, a savage strike. Strip strike and the Dorado leaps many times out of the water…dip the rod tip to the water when they jump and steer the fish back into the water. Don’t trout strike, don’t allow and slack or they will throw the hook.

I fished with two Hot Torpedo rods, an 8 wt rod fitted with a WF8F (floating) line and one with WFS(sinking Rio Leviathan 250g) line depending on the depth of the water. We used mostly streamers, and mouse patterns in the late afternoon in the shallows.  

Sometimes the dorado work together like a squadron of jet fighters to school up bait fish, and strikes on surface gurglers are spectacular.

Jose poled stealthily along the edges of the wetlands. We saw lots of wildlife and birds including the worlds largest large rodent (Capybara), Marsh deer, Otters, Caimen (freshwater alligator) and lots of water birds  (including the Jacanas and Jabiru).  

The weather was variable. Some days no wind and hot (30-35oC). Other days overcast, windy and cold. There had been rain the week before we arrived, the river had risen a metre, and together with the cold snap the fish shut down for several days. Plenty of casting practice in the wind...cold, wet and no fish! This was one of those trips…Jose said “you should have been here last week.

First cast Fergus weighed some at 8 lbs...most were 5-8 lb range. One morning he caught another fish on his first his classic Fergus Irish brogue he said to me...keep casting until you catch a fish…two hours and 250 casts later Jose declared it was time to go for lunch. They just weren’t feeding.

We were fishing 40/30lb Green Maxima leaders with 30lb Rio PowerFlex Wire Bite Tippet.  This setup seemed at first an overkill and prevented the fish making many runs…we did not fight them on the reel. We soon discovered that this was required to keep the fish out of the weeds..once in the weeds they were hard to dislodge.  The Dorado usually destroyed the flies after 2-3 fish. They mangled the Rio bite wire and it had to be replaced frequently.

A fish over 10lb is regarded as a trophy. I hooked one, it dived into the weeds and the weed acted as a dehooker. I hooked another that looked like a suitcase under water...all was going well until the only small piece of weed floating down the river became entangled around the line…it ran down the line and again … another dehooker…the fish won…there is a lot of weed! The biggest Jose has seen landed was 23lb.

We caught other species...San Antonio, Pira Pita and Palomata (a species of wetlands Piranha). Piranhas have one of the strongest bites found in bony fishes.The Piranha have awesome teeth and completely destroyed the flies. It is apparently a myth that Piranhas attack people…makes for good comics and movies!

When the weather was kind to us, the sight fishing was spectacular. The water was gin clear and we could to hunt the Dorado. Long casts and delicate placement of the fly. Land the fly near the fish and they would attack it. At other times, we fished the fast, deeper water with the sinking lines.

A totally amazing experience. Dorado are a great sportfish…they give aggressive takes,  jump and lot and fight hard.


Treat yourself!

There’s not long to go before Christmas and we have HT4, 6, 8 and 10WTs all in stock! Also there is the famous DTI Lumi-line, a range of the fantastic Tonic Sunglasses and the Tropical Thunderbolt 6 line for Instructors (or anglers who like to fish using orange lines!). If you are in the UK you can still order in time for Xmas – otherwise it me be challenging to exchange Rod Pants for an Xmas Sock but we will certainly try out best!

But hey a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo is not just for Xmas…

I’ve been flat out ordering Hot Torpedo Owners’ competition shirts – which have now been ordered by the way! I’m really looking forward to getting these out in the field with you guys and girls  🙂

Next year we shall be running another HTOC competition and because it was so good last time, we shall be giving away an entirely different shirt (as well as the Hot Torpedo grand prize!). Next year our shirt options will include a blue stealth camo shirt for Imaginary Saltwater Fly Fishing. I’m also considering the option of putting a picture of you on your own shirt.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea! 

Incidentally we now have five “complete set” HT owners: Viking Lars, Tim Kempton, An Ren Tan, Tom Bentson and me! Next year I shall be adding some new HT rods to the range that have been in development for quite some time.

There are many benefits to being an HT owner apart from just owning the finest rod available to man (of course!)… you get:

  • a free fly casting lesson from me next time we meet
  • lifetime casting support
  • magic fish catching abilities
  • and for those of you who buy four or more Hot Torpedos – a free guided fly fishing weekend in the Malaysian Jungle (excluding travel costs!).

If this all sounds like something you need then go here and don’t delay! 

Cheers, Paul

The Hot Torpedo Set

This is a set of Hot Torpedos 4, 6, 8 and 10WT. There are quite a few anglers with the whole set. Me of course!  Viking Lars, Tim Kempton, An Ren Tan and very shortly Tom Bentson. It’s a rather exclusive club of which you are more than welcome to join! 😀

Lee has been putting in overtime and we again – finally! – have all rods in stock. So if you place an order now for a standard Sexyloops HT flyrod (ie no personalisation) then we can despatch same day.

I’m trying to build stock levels in both UK and Malaysia. In Malaysia I currently have one HT10 for sale. After Christmas I plan to have the full range.  🙂

Sexyloops HT rods and blanks are European made.

  • Lifetime Warranty
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  • Satisfaction Guarantee.

Go here to learn more or buy now. Look here for reviews!

Father and Son – part 2

From Eddie:

Steven and I have returned from a 2 day trip after Mahseer in Sabbah with Julio. We had no idea what to expect, however we caught plenty of Mahseer up to around 800 grammes and lost a couple much larger to mostly dry hoppers and tungsten beaded nymphs.

We both used the 4 weight HT’s and we both agree and so does Julio (even though he is a LOOP pro team member) that these are the best 4 weights that any of us have ever used.

Next up for larger Mahseer will be a trip to Thailand but we will definitely be back to fish with Julio again. It was not a million miles away from pocket nymphing in fast water on the Deveron on one small river and another one resembled the upper Dee with the obvious temperature and foliage differences. All in all the tight casting and scrambling around over rocks and hunting for fish in small gaps in freestone water is like the fishing in highland burns which was fantastic, however no wee burn troot ever fought as hard or as dirty as the wee mahseer that we hooked.

Unless you piled on the pressure immediately they would find a way to dive under the boulders and it was game over. The one obviously large fish that I hooked stopped my fly dead and then refused to move from between the rocks and sat there shaking its head like a pissed off jack Russell until the leader parted. I will be ready next time!!!!!!!!!

All the best, Eddie.

These are their pair of HT4s


Tropical Thunderbolt Lines

I bought a limited run of tropical Thunderbolt lines in 6WT for the HT Instructor rods (or anyone who likes orange coloured tropical lines!). I first got hold of these in the UK a few months ago and found them to be similar to casting wire – so they are definitely not to be used in cold water climates!

These lines are the same 110ft lines that are our original Thunderbolt taper and manufactured by RIO. The Thunderbolt taper is actually Jerry Siem’s TCR taper from quite a few years ago. It has a head of 57’6″ head with a very long rear taper. Perfect for long carries, mends at distance, and a good all-round fishing line.

It’s a flyline I’ve been casting here in Malaysia where the day time temp is around 34C. So if you are living in a warm climate and looking for a top quality casting line then look no further!

We are selling them without the box for 84USD delivered. If you want a box to go with your line then please add another 5USD. The boxes are printed cardboard and the spool is the usual plastic spool, both of which normally end in the bin.

To spool up either unroll the flyline first using a rolled up magazine as a temporary line holder or maybe one of the old plastic spools that you haven’t thrown away. If you have a line winder then you’ll know what to do. 🙂




Ashly’s winning rod

We’re not fast, but we’re faster than a flyswap. Lee really went to town with Ashly’s winning customised (pimped) HT6:

“Happy girl is the prettiest”

The colour scheme has been chosen by Ashly!

“Ashly Arden” – lucky girl! 🙂
Lucky no.8
Damascus Steel spacer

Now this is a little bit different! A Damascus Steel spacer for the reel seat. Never been done before! It’s a bit of a test to see how much maintenance is required – some light oiling from time to time to be sure. Also adds some weight, but in a nice way…

Fighting Butt
Sans fighting butt!
The white thread is luminous! Perfect for putting your rod together in the dark.
The “Munro Grip”
The winning rod!

This was Ashly’s winning entry.

For next year’s Hot Torpedo competition I am looking for ideas.

For a custom Hot Torpedo of your own check out our shop.

For customer reviews look here.

And for everyone who entered this last competition I am ordering your shirts this week! Yay – just in time for Christmas! 🙂 🙂

Cheers, Paul