Lightweight HT5

My favourite 5WT! Ian has a love of super light rods and the Hungarian Latohegy Osage Orange spacer, which looks beautiful!

I made a short video about this rod sometime ago where I mentioned that my final decision over it came down to throwing short-mid range Accuracy. The 5WT is an extremely versatile rod but I really needed something tangible to work towards.

A really fun and enjoyable rod to fish. A question I am often asked is if one has the HT4 and HT6 is it worth having the HT5 as well? Which is an excellent question since there is already a crossover in applications between the HT4 and HT6!

Certainly many of our HT4&6 owners have bought the HT5. Ian is actually one such chap! One argument is that there is a 25% weight difference between a 4 and 6 flyline, which is quite a jump. Casting-wise there is certainly a difference when it comes to casting a 5 line at targets! So while it was really built with that in mind, the ultimate question is when is a 5 line better than a 4 or 6 line? And when would I choose the 5? All good questions. For me I would choose the 5 over the 6 when fishing smaller flies and the 5 over the 4 when casting across cross-winds. Of course having all three is a luxury but you only live once, or many times if you are a Buddhist.

You can find out more about the HT5 on this page.

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Latohegy Orange spacers available on request!

Cheers, Paul


Father and Son HT6

A couple of HT6 rods off to New Zealand. Snake rings as recommended by Stuntman Ronan (well he is a stuntman) and spare tips too! Spare tips are a great idea if you are an adventurous angler and if you want one for your HT we can whip up a 5-piece rod sock. Lee used different trim colours on the rods to distinguish them from each other.

Really great to see the Pro6 heading over to New Zealand. It was my 20 years of summering in NZ that led to the development of this rod. It’s my go-to rod for Giant Gourami here in Malaysia and technically speaking our “flag-ship rod”.

I hope that they catch many big fish and have a long and hard life!! You can read more about this rod here:

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Thanks! Paul

Latohegy Orange Spacers means lighter weight

Firstly it’s fantastic to see Ian pulling the trigger on buying HT 763, 4, 5 and 6WTs. 🙂 Always some custom work too and Ian goes for the lightest weight possible (and hook keeper rings, which adds a little bit of extra weight course!).

Interesting results on this arrangement:

I have weighed my HT4 and HT6, the results I think are interesting.
Butt section 61g 55g
Top 3 Sections 26g 31g
Total weight 87g 86g
My HT6 is actually lighter than the HT4!
HT4 butt is our anodised alu spacer so the difference is clear; if you want the lightest HT possible then go for Latohegy Orange 🙂
Cheers, Paul

Instructor 7 with lime wraps

Certainly going to get noticed and of course that’s the whole point of an Instructor rod! Lime green, at least I think it’s lime, wraps. Maybe it’s chartreuse. With Torzite bullet-proof rings.

If you are an instructor then let me know because we have a pro-scheme for you. You can email me on and then check your spam filter for a reply 😀

You can read about the Sexyloops HT range here.

Cheers, Paul


HT7 Instructor

Arguably the very best instructor fly rod out there. The HT7 Instructor. This rod was designed for FFI instructor tests after we were repeatedly asked for a 9’ 7WT for these exams.

It’s also one hell of a streamer rod! Best not in white for spooky fish of course, unless you are fishing in a snow storm.

This one is built with clear wraps which look fantastic!

Personalised with a name decal 🙂

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Cheers, Paul

Blood Red HT10

Another exciting colour combination, this time an HT10 off to Singapore. Hopefully I will get to watch this one catch a Toman (Giant Snakehead) soon! It’s been a while since I’ve seen my friend Chuan 🙂

This rod is the real tropical SW go-to rod for me.  Originally developed fishing both sides of Australia, it’s a fast rod with feel in the butt. Developed for a 10WT line, not an 11 or 12!! 😀

We fit this rod with Titanium Torzite rings as standard but you can of course choose anything else if you want. You can find out more here.

Notice that Chuan has ordered a spare tip! We provide these as replacements at very favourable prices for all our rods for adventurous anglers and we include 5-piece rod pants. 🙂

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Cheers, Paul

HT763 Small Streams

This is the HT763 that took eons to develop! It’s a fantastic little rod for poking around in confined places. I had a great deal of fun testing the various prototypes here in Malaysia as well as around Europe.

We have a choice with this rod to have the cordura tube or an aluminium tube. In this case Ian has chosen the Latohegy Osage Orange spacer which looks fantastic!! Matching trims by Lee 🙂

Any questions about this or any of the Sexyloops rods, ping me an email on

Cheers, Paul

HT905 no2

Interestingly, the second HT5 is also off to Tasmania!! Might be a time zone thing 😀 First through the gate. Perfect rods for the Western Lakes. This one is off to George with his own choice of custom whippings.

More info can be found here  and of course you can always email me on .

Just to let you know we are going to have another price increase soon. Most of our suppliers have increased their prices recently. Incidentally the price you see is the price you pay delivered. We pay shipping costs and any customs fees we also cover and will refund you. And finally… every rod comes with a free Zoom casting session from me!!

Cheers, Paul



HT905 no1

After something like eight years of development we have finally completed the long-anticipated HT905. Now of course some of you will say “of course it took eight years, Paul fishes all the time!”  But actually the real reason was that I just wasn’t happy either with the prototypes nor indeed the direction we were going.

However, last June I believe I may have heard the sound of angels singing when I fitted together HT5 prototype number 3056. It wasn’t actually number 3056, only felt like it, it might have been number 10. Anyway… the angels were singing, the Mahseer were biting and I was finally almost happy.

If you are going to release a HT5 then it had better be the best you can make it! I really wanted something that fitted bang-on midway between the HT6 and the HT4. So that was what I was looking for, but it needed something else. A wow-factor of its own. That’s the bit that took a lot of work and I can only think now that to get it takes some degree of luck, or a hell of a lot of prototypes.

I’ll tell you something though – I’m damned pleased I didn’t release an earlier version. Having done the HT4 I knew that eventually we could make a 5 that would thrill me. Of course we could have released an earlier version and then released an upgraded and improved version but I don’t want to do that. It might make more sense business-wise but I think it’s also slightly dishonest and we can do better.

The HT6 has been out for 10 years now and to me it’s still everything I want in a six weight. Personally I think this is a positive thing. Instead of having this feeling that your rod is out of date because there is a new model out every 3 or 4 years, you can know in certainty, that you can learn and grow into the rod, without having to reinvent your cast every time a new rod comes out. After all, the technology hasn’t changed much, despite what marketing departments may want us to believe. The only thing that changes is the design and I have no need to redesign something that takes me 2-4 years to get exactly what I want, or in this case 8 years!!!

When I say I was “almost happy” when I heard angels singing, this is because I need to be sure to be sure to be sure (as Ronan wouldn’t say). Love at first sight is lust and I’m looking at a marriage here. I did a lot of fishing, a lot of casting over the next six months. The final stamp of approval for me, because I needed some final test, was target accuracy.

Now this is not to say that “some rods are more accurate than others, because of the way we lay the carbon” but how does the rod feel while throwing at target after target. Some rods are far too stiff for this sort of casting and will cramp your hands after 10 minutes. As you’ll probably have realised from my videos, I like a real turn of speed in my fishing cast too, but Target Accuracy is not about  speed, it’s about consistent hovering. It was through this process that I finally decided that I have the HT905 that I want in my hands. It’s an awesome and fun rod (for me).

And it has to be since the 905 in the US is the number one selling rod! We have a lot of US readers and customers. However serial no1, first through the door, was for Gavin Hicks in Tasmania. Gavin has HT4, 6, 7 and 8. Nice to put the 5 in there on that list too!

Something I think that’s really important is the flyline of course. We make HT rods for AFFTA complying lines. So go by the true line weight and not what is written on the box. Some 5WT rods are stiffer than the HT5 for sure and no doubt this is one reason that the flyline situation is in the mess that it is today. The line I used to develop this rod was the SA MED5. Fishing-wise I can recommend the SA Trout 5 as an excellent match. If you have any questions about other flylines then feel free to ask.

OK that’s it! Quite a few of these shipping at the moment 🙂

Cheers, Paul

More details about this rod can be found here.

HT7 Instructor to Tasmania

Many of our Sexyloops Instructor white rods are being custom-ordered now with black recoils and black strippers. They certainly look very tasty! 

This was an interesting rod for me to develop. Normally to develop a rod we really think a lot the fly size and weights and the fishing scenarios involved. In this particular case, however, the prime objective was to develop a fly rod that would nail the FFI CCI and MCI exams! We certainly managed to do that and in the process have also managed to create a wonderful 7WT fishing rod, perfect for blasting out weighed streamers into banks, light to middle weight Saltwater applications and perhaps for chucking heavy nymph rigs in fast water. I often however, simply cast my HT7 on the roof of my boat for fun at night. 🙂

As far as flylines go, my key line for the development of this rod was the Mastery Expert Distance 7 (MED7) – the less garish and more  aesthetically-pleasing SA Trout (it’s green!) is a very similar taper. But anything that is that true-to-weight 7 region will be fine. Many instructors use the Ballistic Pro Performance taper in 7. It’s also quite a phenomenal “casting rod” with the Sexyloops DT6 Lumiline and I would expect to win many battles to the death with this combination. 

More details of this rod can be found here:

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