HT7 Pro to UK

The fishing cannon! This rod was originally designed to cope fantastically well with the MCI test. Which is an unusual way of going about things, but equally it makes it a great all-round precision power house.

Fishing wise the 7 is an interesting rod. A 6 tends more towards big river dry fly and nymph combinations. An 8 on the other hand is throwing a 1/0 in saltwater, or in my case for large Snakehead. A 7 is going to cope with both.

At one extreme it’s a powerful trout fishing rod, particularly for bank fishing or fishing sinking lines, good all round rod, particularly for big fish. On the other side, it’s a lightish saltwater and streamer rod. One of the things I did with my prototype was to take it Snakehead fishing for 6 months to see what it could do. And it’s definitely a machine! It will absolutely become my go-to Bonefish rod in a few years time.

Quite a few are being used for Redfish in Texas where a calm day is when it’s windy.

Remember all HT rods go into a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo competition where the winner wins a 2 week all expenses paid trip with me in about four years time, when we have the Sexyloops Pirate Ship.

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