HT4 to Tas

Perhaps my favourite rod in the HT lineup. I think it’s at the limits of rod length vs line weight where it’s possible to maintain the HT action and feel. In other words I don’t think we can make a 9’6” HT4 that’s an “HT”and I don’t think we can make a HT3 that’s 9’! And I’m not going to try either 😀

Anyway this is a blinder of a rod. Originally designed for the chalkstreams in the Balkans, where one needs to fish smallish flies 16-22, with fine tippets 7X/.10mm. And we don’t want to be getting broken off, so the tip really has to have some give.

But equally it’s an HT, so while the butt has give, it’s not too soft. In other words it has the HT action and you’ll know that when you cast it.

I fish a SA DT4 on mine, but the SA Trout is a good one too apparently. And in the right hands it will put out a long line, over 100’. Which makes it a very nice rod for Stillwaters as well, where you can make long casts and have extreme sensitivity because of the light fly line. Great for buzzer fishing!!

And big fish are no problems. My lucky no.4 has landed 8lb trout in Russia, 5KG Gourami in Malaysia, 16lb carp in Jersey. Basically it’s a fishing machine, as well as my go-to trout and Grayling rod.

Anyway this one is off to Tassie for some stream fishing! I look forward to meeting the owner for a Zoom casting session.  And who knows? Maybe he wins the two week SW fishing adventure? 😀

Email me or WhatsApp me on +60198549552 for more info or to order.

Thanks, Paul

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