Doubling Up!

From my early days of fly fishing, as a student, I always doubled up on my rods. By this I meant that I always had an identical spare as back-up. This often came in very handy, particularly after I started travelling!

I’ve noticed that I’m not alone in this regards. It’s not uncommon for our customers to have two HT rods of the same line weight and length. Dirk for example has two HT10s. Chuan has two of just about everything 🙂

This is a Torzite-ringed HT7 which is the spare for the first HT7 for an MCI candidate in the States. Great stuff! Incidentally if you are up for a CI or MCI exam, and own any HT rod, then do let me know because I regularly go through the exam theory via email. It’s always good to bounce ideas off someone, especially if that someone is me 🙂

You can read more about the Sexyloops rods here: and email me on any questions!

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