HT7 PRO with Torzites

We have a few of these in production at the moment. The HT7 is out latest production rod, below which I wouldn’t recommend Torzites however with the stiffness/weight ratio Titanium Torzites are quite fine on the HT7 and give outstanding shooting abilities.

This particular HT7 is off to West Coast USA for a CCI training for his MCI instructor exams. I offer to go through instructor theory with all HT owners and of course every rod sold at the moment comes with a free one-hour Zoom casting lesson from the back of the Battleship. The HT7 rod was in fact originally designed to nail the MCI test!

You can find out more about the HT7 and all the Sexyloops rods here:

Feel free to contact me on to ask any questions you may have.

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