The Abducted

An HT6 for Daniel. If you’ve been a Sexylooper for a while you will remember that Daniel visited the Sexyloops Gathering in New Zealand and because he was worried that his girlfriend (now wife!) Gemma would be angry with him if he stayed longer; we abducted him and made him go fishing.

(That’s Morsie there on the left!)

The HT6 was actually designed with NZ in mind and is of course perhaps the most versatile of all trout weights, being able to comfortably cast most things that you would want to throw at trout.

I’ve invited Daniel out to Malaysia and have offered to abduct him again, in order to turn a three day trip into a month-long jungle fly fishing visit. The HT6 is perfect for Giant Gourami as well as Trout!

You can find out more about the HT6 here: whipping colours are your choice. Daniel has opted for a British Racing Green.

A blast from the past:

Remember all new Hot Torpedo purchases come with a 1HR Zoom Fly Casting lesson courtesy of me on The Battleship. You too can be abducted…

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