Pro6 to NZ

It’s great to have a Pro6 heading out to New Zealand this week, after all that’s what I had in mind when we designed it! I spent 25 years fishing a 9’ #6 as my go-to rod and some 3000 fishing days in NZ wielding one. So I had to get this one right!

This particular rod has gone out with a spare tip. It’s an option you can order with all HT rods. In the case of the HT6 a spare tip is £90 and we give you a 5-piece rod sock to go with it – or “rod pants” as my good friend, Ivica, in Croatia thought they were called! 😀

Superb rod build from out man, Lee, as always. Brexit resulted in a delay on our last blank delivery but we are full steam ahead now. We are building three Comp5s this week (two to Japan) and a 763. We also have a HT12 butt modification experiment to build for Tim in Australia.

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I plan to make an action casting video with the drone soon! 🙂

Cheers, Paul

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