HT4 to ‘Stralia

This is undoubtedly my go-to trout rod nowadays. Really nice up close with a tip that allows you to fish .10mm/7X and flies smaller than 22 – we are talking technical river trout fishing here! But also with the backbone that allows you to throw a long line into the wind when you need it.

It was originally designed for fly fishing in the Balkans where long fine leaders are essential (and the trout and grayling a very respectable size) but it very quickly became my all-round trout rod.

I think where it really shines is for exactly the sort of fishing this rod is off to do; ie sight fishing for stillwater brown trout in Tasmania. On my last trip I discovered times when I needed to delicately fish leaders of .14mm, which is getting fine for stillwater trout fishing, particularly when the fish are of a decent size!

All in all it’s a really fun rod to fish! Email me on if you have any questions!

Cheers, Paul

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