Getting a Grip

An HT6 Pro off to Gavan in California 🙂 Gavan already has the Instructor 6. You’ll notice this one has Full Wells grip. Probably about 20% of HT6 rods are fitted with Full Wells grips.

It’s mostly a question of taste perhaps? Where the Full Wells is no doubt an advantage, is for cradling the rod butt against the forearm on the backcast (this is in fact why Gavan requested it). For those who like to grip with the “finger pointing” grip, the cigar shape we more commonly fit to 6 and 4WTs is perhaps more comfortable.

We have fitted Full Wells to the HT4 In the past, but interestingly we have never had a request for a cigar shape grip on rods heavier than 6WT! 😀

You can see our standard 6WT grip here. If you have a special grip that you would like then just let us know. We can sand any shape you desire!

Cheers, Paul

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