The Snakehead Hunter

Just before lockdown, or in fact technically during the start of lockdown (because we were in the jungle and never heard of it!), Richard joined me for some Trophy Snakehead fishing and caught a fantastic free-riser on my HT10.

Not a bad fish at all, particularly since it was a free-riser and not a parenting fish. I believe I’m right in saying it has since qualified as a line-class world record fish!

Richard liked the Sexyloops rods so much that he ordered both the HT8 and HT10. He’s currently hunkered down in Thailand!

Lots of Instructor rods being ordered this week! It’s great to see that many of you are coming out of lockdown and can go fishing again. Here in Malaysia we are still under home curfew!

If you have any questions about the HT rods then please drop me a line on

Cheers, Paul

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