The first HT7

Always exciting to have a new rod come out and see Serial Number 1 delivered! Serial no1 is owned by Bart’s father, Ruud and has Torzite Titanium rings. In fact our first three HT7 orders are all being fitted with these rings. I’m a huge fan of them and if Fuji ever make them in lighter weights I would gladly fit them to our 3 and 4WT models.

This is a very interesting rod for me. It was specifically designed with the FFI MCI test in mind. I’ve been asked multiple times for such a rod. And it was tested on Snakehead. Normally I use a 10WT outfit for Snakehead and occasionally an 8WT. But I thought it would be a good test for the seven weight and I’ve been throwing it at Snakehead for about 7 months.

As with all of our rods, it is designed using AFFTA conforming fly lines. In my opinion it is a “true” seven weight. A lot of flylines nowadays are in the middle of line weights.

Generally speaking with lines that are half-way between the AFFTA number I recommend using the lighter one. For example on the HT6 if the line is 1/2 heavy I would use the 5.5WT. Same with the HT10, preferring 9.5WT as opposed to 10.5WT. Ditto the HT4, ie 3.5WT instead of 4.5WT. The HT8 is different and with that rod I would choose to use the 8.5WT.

Now you may not think that there is a great deal of difference with regards one line number, after all it wasn’t so very long ago that rods had a range of recommended line numbers. And it is true that a good caster can make anything work, I’m merely talking about what I think is optimal.

If in doubt stick to the AFFTA table, using the true line weight of the line and not the number that is printed on the manufacturer’s box. Many flyline manufacturers are intentionally making fly lines heavier than the AFFTA table. We don’t design rods around overweight lines, we use lines that are AFFTA conforming.

The HT7 rods are not currently listed in the shop because I’m fulfilling existing orders. What I don’t like is a long waiting list – that just creates unnecessary work! However you can email me on for more information or to order one of the early rod numbers. They are $945 with Recoil rings and $1045 with Torzites.

Cheers, Paul

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