YUPPI YUPPI- Remember me?
Ciao ciao people, yes it is me again HT10, the sexiest fly rod in the World. I appreciate you liked my bunch of complaints and my whingy story, but this time is different. This time is about quality and awesomest (with a twist😜)

You must know that Michael grew up big time. Now he does less, but the results are more. QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY is a motto of 2020 in Mike’s fly rod harem that I am a proud member of.

There is a place and time for everybody now, not like before, every casting session with 3-5 different rods, each dressed differently shouting “pick me, pick me”. It looked like a Mardi Gras parade on the grass. He played 5-10min with each, then never get satisfied, and then kick us back in the corner – bad, bad Mike, but not any more… the play time is more structured now, and everybody gets their time, less time, but huge improvement on a final satisfaction. 
 …on a side story, Mike still has an issue with the Norwegian guy, as it is very stubborn rod and doesn’t give Mike what he wants – but this is not my problem 😌

For instance my older brother HT COMP5 had an awesome carp fishing trip, you can see him in action here…

…fair enough, I’m happy for him. 

…Hey between me and you, I heard that Mike wants to replace my brother with some younger, fresher, lighter (3wt) rod. It even has a bad message to my brother on its butt. It says TFO, I am not sure, but I think it stands for TOO FUCKING OLD – wait till HT COMP 5 finds out – its going to be a “girls fight” yuppi.
….ok shush bitches-back to me, I am the queen of the story.

 You remember I told you about all the cracks  on my body from  Mike treating me badly?
Well it healed a bit and I am cool now, Mike is a very careful now (I think I know why – WC in Sweden are around the corner), no seriously he is so nice to me now that I wanted to show him some appreciation, so in some nice conditions I helped him to throw 5wt line almost 45m – you should see him then, dancing, jumping, celebrating, I said to him “I told you, be nice to me- I’ll be nice to you), but for this guy its never enough. He is worry that I will break under pressure and make him look like a fool in Sweden.

–  ” Are you ready for a big, final test?” he said
– “O for fuck sake, what now?- I replied
– “We are going to mate you with a Tuna, and see how your butt can handle it!” – he yelled exitedly 
   Oh well – I thought – did many weird things during my existence, so I can as well give up my butt to Tuna.

  ….few days after…

     Holy shit guys, what an action, I had no idea my butt and rest of my body are capable to handle this stuff. Mike kept me in different angles and I felt pleasure of Tuna in every position. Forget the cracks, I can do this and I want more. See for yourself!
  YUPPI YUPPI it is….😂😂😂

I’m starting to wonder about Mike! 😂 I shall close this HTOC competition on April 1st and then we shall pick a winner. If you are an HT owner then be sure to send us a story in time. There is a custom HT rod up for grabs!

Incidentally, in the unlikely event that an HT10/Comp5 V2 explodes in the World Championships in Sweden this year, we will have a spare rod ready for any HT owner/competitor to use. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s certainly not an impossibility! See you there! Cheers, Paul

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