“A cannon with finesse” – Entry 4, No4.

For years I’ve been hearing those strange words spoken about me, and I’m quite proud of them, but the truth of the matter is that I have magic powers.

I don’t consider myself to be a trout torpedo – those fish just don’t wiggle my tip. However on those rare occasions when I do fish for them, I always catch the biggest one in the river. For example 11.5lbs out of a Varzina River tributary in Russia – not only the biggest brown trout that my casting bitch has ever seen, but the biggest fish in the entire river! I did that and I did it using magic.

He has an ongoing fantasy for Giant Snakehead. Anything over 5KG is considered a trophy when it comes to these tough mean ugly slimy bastards. I’ve had three over 6KG, including the biggest of 6.8KG which happens to be – surprise surprise – yet another fish I caught with magic.

Yes, I may have cannon-like properties and I’m not without a large dose of finesse, but my true area of expertise lies in magic. I dabble in there-is-no-four: kinetic magic (obviously), illusion, necromancy and conjuration.

Those last two being particularly useful for Imaginary Saltwater Flyfishing, where I have an ability to hallucinate large bonefish zombies on the flats.

Put me within casting distance of your average toilet bowl – anything up to and often beyond 140 feet (less of course if I have to cast through a window) and I will catch you a fish bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined!

Take care – I have been known to turn danglers into princes, or sometimes toads.

HT8 No4.

Competition rules: https://www.sexyloops.com/htoc/2019/04/30/sexyloops-hot-torpedo-owners-competition-2019/

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