Piffens HT6 – Hell bent on leather!

Hello everyone, I am HT6 nr 137. My owner Piffen ordered me after some lengthy talking to Paul Arden and Piffen wanted some funky blue and orange colours on my whipping. Lee Martell made some mock up whippings on a blank and Piffen saw that one of them was the perfect dark blue colour for my appearance.

At last I came home to Piffen and while hanging around in the kitchen, I saw him making different custom scabbards and sheaths in leather for arborist saws and secateurs. They all had nice carvings and colours. That made me a bit jealous! Why should all these tools have beautiful and comfy leather homes to live in and I just in an aluminium tube? I told Piffen “If you don’t make me a leather case, I won’t perform my best”. Piffen took the hint and made me my luxurious new dwelling. He wasn’t a very good caster in the beginning, I must say. He used too much power so the loops was all over the place and he was struggling to make it better. Nowadays he has got a bit better through asking on the Board and hanging out with my designer Paul and Mark Surtees that could show him hands on how to cast, much to my relief. I think I can perform better now that he’s learned some tricks of the trade.

In my two year old life I have been to Malaysia for fishing with Piffen and Paul twice. On my first trip I was lucky to land a Giant Gourami, late one night. Thus far that’s my greatest accomplishment. But later on during that same trip, Piffen managed to break my tip, one inch below the tip top and Piffen got really sad but Paul heated up the epoxy with a lighter and put the tip top back on the top section again so that I could fish again. A little later Lee made me a brand new top section so now I can appear as either a 9′ or an 8’11” for really tight quarters. Though the inconvenience I’m glad I must say.

On my second trip to Malaysia I wasn’t that lucky fishing wise. Piffen got there just as Ramadan started and even though he saw and cast at quite a few Gouramis rising, they didn’t eat his offerings because they only got up to breathe air. I would never have expected them to celebrate Ramadan, not eating during the day, as the Malay.

During the times I haven’t been brought to distant places, I have mostly gone to a lake outside Stockholm to fish for Rainbow trout and caught a few of them but I want to catch more of them. I think Piffen has to shape up his tactics a bit. He has just read Arthur Coves book “My way with trout” so I hope he has learned a bit so that I can catch a lot more of them.

So during the times that I am not in Piffens hands, I am resting in my cozy leather case he made for me and I won’t accept anything else since I am hell bent for leather!

Cheers, Piffens HT6

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