Mike is the best – PERIOD

Hello, let me introduce myself. 
My name is Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 5wt Competition, and I live with Mike since 2012. A lot has happened since then.
 Let me give you a brief story of my existence.
I was the first( serial No.1) rod in this series that Mr. Sexyloops created – boom straight to Mike’s hands – he likes to be first…

Obviously Mike broke me after a while and I was sent to Hungary to be reborn, still as No.1, and I lasted for a while until Mike broke me again. Then I was send to UK to be reborn again, this time with serial number 2, but guess what?
 On my way somebody lost me and I never got home.
  Yes you are right – I had to be reborn for a third time (feel like a cat with 7 lives).
 This time I made home and my new license plate says 123 (third time lucky).

Now I am in Australia and I am having lots of fun with Mike. I know some of you read a story not long ago from my younger brother Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 10wt. Well I read that too – what a bunch of complaints and wingeing – not fishing enough 
- not casting far enough
 – Mike not treating him well
 – jealous about some other rod
! What a wanker!
 Let me tell you Mike is the best and he knows how to use a fly rod and how to take care of it – and our recent trip to Gold Coast QLD proves it.

Mike has a friend Vince AKA “King of the Seaway”. Vince invites Mike sometimes on his boat to chase those imaginary saltwater species, but this time reality was much better than imagination.
  On those trips Mike always take 3 of us: my brother Hot Torpedo 10wt – for heavy job
, some dude from Echo in 8wt for medium job
 and me, Hot Torpedo 5Comp – for light job
. This time was different and I did all the job and I felt like a king. We started with plenty of Queenfish. After the first cast I knew I am in awesome hands – all smooth and perfect.
  I know what you say “those Queenfish were not big”, but trust me they pull hard for their size, and I had to work hard to pull them out. They stretched me left, right and under the boat.

That was a perfect warm up before Vince said to Mike “Let’s go deeper and bigger”. As soon as he said that I looked at my brother rigged with dredging line, all smiling and thinking it was his turn now. 
Sorry mate, Mike made a different decision – stay where you are.
 We were fishing in 21m of water with fast currents, but the fish were not big enough to involve my MUSCLE DRAG QUEEN brother, so Mike took everything away from my wanker brother and put it on me. 
MAN, what a set up. Big 10wt reel with 26feet of T17 attached to 90feet of T8 as a running line and the fly he put on (that was crazy) shrimp looking pattern with eyes made out of ball sinkers.

Once again I felt like a king – so powerful, but at the same time scared. I thought one bad stroke mate and my tip section is swimming together with those Queenfish.

After the first cast I was free of doubts. Nothing wrong can happen in Mike’s hands – he is a PRO.
 Second cast – fish on. I was so excited I even shouted to the others 
  I was pulling fish after fish. 
The best thing was that there were many boats around with stinky bait fishers and shiny lure chuckers, but only me and Vince’s baby were bending over- GOLD.

Guys, nobody put me to work so hard before. Now I gain back my confidence that as a Sexyloops Hot Torpedo 5Comp I am capable to do some hardcore stuff.
  Have a look at this carp from a local creek – it is a pleasure to be in Mike’s hands.

That said, I know that my brother SL HT10WT can do even more crazy fishing, but it is not his time yet- poor bugger.
…but it is getting better.

At one moment I felt such a strong bend and shakes I almost saw my butt with my tip guide. It was going nuts, me full bend and stretch, 110 feet of line gone through my guides, I thought THIS IS THE END, but Mike kept his cool…..and then slack – gone, me back to RSP.

Mike and Vince thought it was a snag, but there were no snaggy spots as we could see the bottom 20m down.
While I was catching my breath I saw the leader half gone and shredded – weird. 10 min later and Vince was in the same situation. This “something” almost pulling Vince’s rod of his hands.
The guys thought it could be a shark, but I heard them saying maybe a big Kingfish as Vince’s leader was also shredded and apparently when you hook up a Kingfish they will take your line everywhere – this time to the rocks.

I almost shit myself, and said to my brother 
”mate, next time it is your butt!”- he is a one happy SL Hot Torpedo now.

  After the 5h session we went home. 
Mike took some fish home for dinner to please his wife.
 Mike gave us a nice shower to rinse all the salt off – fuck that was itchy, and while we were drying he cleaned the fish, and occasionally he looked at me and winked at me for a job well done – felt great.
  I tell you the best part now…
 Mike’s wife loved her dinner sooo much!!! (They even had a Bonito as a sashimi- I heard them moaning – sooo good).

She asked Mike to call Vince again and set up another trip – HOW COOL IS THAT?
 Looks like we are for some more action soon – so watch the space…

Best in the business
Sexyloops Hot Torpedo


Competition rules: https://www.sexyloops.com/htoc/2019/04/30/sexyloops-hot-torpedo-owners-competition-2019/

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