Competition winner for May

I asked Viking Lars to judge the winner for the May entries:

Paul asked me to be the judge for this month’s Hot Torpedo competition. I took my time, and read through the entires a few times, and had a good, long think (and a sleep) before I finally chose Mike’s entry as the best. Why? It made me laugh. I enjoyed the (slightly vulgar) humour and the story of the rivalry between the rods. Let’s hope Mike’s Comp V2 sweeps away the competing rods for good.
Congratulations, Mike!

Here is Mike’s winning entry:

And here are the competition rules:

Mike wins a Sexyloops Shirt that he gets to design himself.  This is what I designed recently, but I’m sure that Mike will design something completely different! Mike also goes through to the final where the overall winner wins a new HT fly rod.

Congratulations Mike! Now I wonder who will win the June competition? 😀

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