OUT OF THE BOX – Michal Duzynski

Quiet whisper in the corner….
-go tell them
-no, you go
-go tell them otherwise I wont bend with you anymore
-ok ok, don’t need to be so harsh

Hello everybody, my name is Sexyloops HotTorpedo 10wt. My older brother Sexyloops Hottorpedo 5wt Comp forced me to tell you the story of our existence as a property of this Polish guy Mike Duzynski.

We live in Australia and that is a good thing, but that’s about it. I have little sign that proves I belong to Mike; it is a small tattoo on my butt saying No1.

When I first arrived to Australia things were looking very promising. Mike was checking me out inch by inch. He said he like my butt very much and how stiff I was. One day he even called his wife and said he must stay longer at work, but instead he was playing with me.

My brother told me to be careful as Mike is a weirdo and sometimes thing might go out of hand – I should have listened.

Few weeks after he put some white, tight condom around me saying “I am too slippery” and he wants to hold me tight. Only time will show when he will change the white one for the rainbow one. That not being enough he dressed me up with an orange string. My brother wears it all the time. We are even making jokes that Mike has a fetish for orange G-strings (freak)
Anyway, our life together began.

Mike took me everywhere, on the grass, on the beach, on the boat….and as soon as he bends my butt hard some sexy, pointy stuff are coming out from the other side of me. One time he bends me so hard and he broke my backbone. I spend few weeks in hospital in UK where I met a nice Dr. Lee.

I was afraid to go back to Australia, but Mike promised he will be gentler with me, so I went back. Mike kept his word; he even took me for another trip to UK (as an apologies) for the World Championships. He even introduced me to few of my cousins from Italy. I was very happy to see there is more of us Sexyloops Hottorpedo 10wt.

I wanted to show to Mike that my tattoo “No1” has a meaning and I smashed the Italian butts and few others during shootouts. I was on fire, but I can’t take all the credit. I couldn’t do that without Mike’s gentle hands and smooth strokes.

It was a perfect weekend, until that one afternoon….

Mike met a new rod from Norway(origin US, but lives in Norway). Nice, 10ft tall with bigger butt and stiffer. He just dumped me on a side like a stick and played the whole afternoon with the Norwegian rod. When I asked for some attention, Mike said it’s late and his arm is sore(fucker). He even invite the Norwegian rod to come and live with us in Australia- I could not believe it.

Few months after the Norwegian stick arrived, I am upset, I can’t even call it a rod- you should see it’s butt bleaahhh.

Now my world falls a part. Everywhere we go now it’s Mike, Norwegian and me, Mike Norwegian and me 3rd place- used to be No1.

Mike puts orange strings on us( you did not expect that Norwegian – huhhh?) and all 3 of us are ready to play, but NO I got dumped to the side. Norwegian first, always first and then when it’s my turn Mike comes up with the story from UK ( I am tired and my arm is sore).

I am jealous and sick of it.
Can you believe that Mike even bought a new, light, plastic reel from Russia for that rod, and ME same, same cold, heavy, steel reel- 3years already- o please!!

If this is how Mike wants to play- fine, but I have my tricks too.

Now every time Mike decides to play only with me( o wow, am I number 1again?) so no matter how he squeezes me, and now matter how hard he bends me I drop his shit at 32-33m. Sometimes maybe 35m when I have a good day and he tickles me a bit at the reel seat. 40m+ forget it mate until you start treating me the way we first met.

Mike does not accept criticism easily, so he locked me in the closet with my brother Sexyloops Hottorpedo 5wr Comp( my brother, o ho ho it is a different story).

Few weeks in a closet passed, I am not sure if I will see water, or grass again. I even noticed few cracks on my body. I think I will need some time off and go to UK to see Dr. Lee again.

I am still upset, but Mike came and start to lick my butt saying how much he misses me and how he wants us to play again- just the two of us. He told me there is a competition in Melbourne on the 17 of August and he wants me the there. He promised me he will make me shine again and he will make my butt tattoo stand up above and beyond, so the entire down under can see I am No1 again.

I agreed, but gave Mike an ultimatum: or we are going to kick some ass in Melbourne, or I am not going with him for the World Championship in Sweden in 2020- PERIOD.

The Rules: https://www.sexyloops.com/htoc/2019/04/30/sexyloops-hot-torpedo-owners-competition-2019/

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