Zuie’s Storm

Hi there, I’m Zuie’s Storm! I’m a Sexyloops HT10- Lee put Competition 9’ #5 v2 on the butt, but you get the idea. Personally I think it looks even cooler. Right now I’ve got a few issues with Paul selling me to this Australian nutter obsessed with distance casting. Fair dinkum I haven’t had a day off since I got here and it’s getting to me a bit. I mean fair enough I’m built for this job but a day off wouldn’t hurt. Even a day saltwater fly fishing would make a nice change but I can’t see that happening anytime soon. He’s asleep right now so I’ll write what I can before he wakes up.

Zuie keeps going on about Andy Dear (a Texan mate of his) sending him an article on the legendary Bass fisherman Rick Clunn and how Clunn has studied native American spiritualism, zen buddhism and quantum physics and how he uses elements of all these and applies it to his fishing. Clunn has been world champion a million times apparently. So Zuie’s off on the same tangent! Before every cast with me he keeps incessantly saying ‘I must become as one with the HT!’ Drives me spare. So yesterday I put a bit of my spine into it and let him cast the GT125 Bario 5wt 130+ feet. We didn’t measure it but there was plenty of backing out and the line and most of the leader was straight so you work it out. Put it this way, it’s his best cast by a long way so I did him a favour. But he’s got to do some work on his technique before I intervene and help him out again. He keeps saying he hasn’t tamed me yet!! What a wanker! It’s no problem for me, I’m the fastest blank in the west (South, east and north as well if it comes to that). And I’m the best looking one! But I don’t want to encourage him too much right now in the event of a miracle and I can get a day off. Hopefully he’ll do a shoulder or get another tennis elbow- whatever!

To add insult to injury he keeps telling me he hopes I turn out to be as good as his HT4, the rod he fished the Tasmanian trout lakes last summer, and goes inexorably on and on about how good it is. I’d like to point out to him that I’m related by design to the HT4 so he’s wasting his time telling me. You’d think he’d know that, I mean COME ON! Yesterday he went on and on about getting another relative of mine, the HT6. It’s all getting a bit much for me and let’s be honest, if I wasn’t the best 5wt distance rod in the world, all his rambling on about the HT4 and how purportedly good the HT6 is I’d be losing a bit of confidence. But the truth is I don’t have an issue with self confidence, I am the best after all. There’s more I could complain about but guess what!?!? He’s awake (that’s an oxymoron!) and getting ready for another session!

I’ll get back to you sometime in the future if I ever get a day off! Hopefully with a story about fighting a massive fish instead of all this launching of Bario 5wt’s into space.

Competition Rules: the Great 2019 Hot Torpedo Competition.

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