The Life of a HT 6 Entry 1. Brown Trout By Tim Kempton

I am no 16 HT 6. I am owned by Tim Kempton from Brisbane Australia who has the 4,6,8,10 series and now 12 HT for brutal testing.  I am privileged because I have caught four trophy species in three months.  I have entered the HT6 Trophy Challenge ..four trophy fish in four months

Trophy 1. Brown trout

In January 2091 I went to New Zealand and fished the Ngongotaha which flows into Lake Rotorua in New Zealand. Lake Rotorua is a shallow lake, and during summer the 20m depth  temperatures can rise to above 21C.  The fish then move into the cold water streams,. The Ngongotaha is a narrow stream, covered in trees and blackberry bushes.  Overhead and roll casting is nearly impossible and so we had to wade the steam and sneak up behind the fish to within two rod lengths to cast a hopper using the bow and arrow cast. Accuracy was paramount.  Place the hopper within 200 cm in front of the fish to force the trout make a decision and take the fly. Then all hell breaks loose the mainly brown trout are 8-15lb and go ballistic.  I was fitted with a WF6F Rio Gold flyline, and a 20lb leader. There was no finesse..this was not gentleman trout fishing with a fly rod…this was warfare.  Last year a very large brown trout (est 15lb) ran under a log and bent my tip double…it smashed my top section…so I had a trip back to England for repairs…at least I got a window seat.  This year I landed at least 8 big trout, the biggest 85cm and well over 10lb…real stonkers.


  • Casting.                                              Bow and Arrow
  • Fish on the reel.                               0 (no time).
  • Fight time                                          20secs.
  • Chance of getting broken:            70%
  • Adrenalin factor :                             95%

HTO Competition 2019 – these are the Rules.


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