The Rod Killers

The good news is that no one managed to explode an HT10/ Comp5 V2 at the Word Championships. This means we have an HT10 in stock! We have been trying to build our stock levels and get ahead of ourselves for about 6 months now – to no avail (apparently, according to Lee, I’m selling too fast!).

The HT12 prototype wasn’t so lucky. I’ve always maintained that if you manufacture fly rods then you need to put the rod in competitors’ hands and let them go wild.

Five years ago at a Scottish Meet, Stefan Siikavaara managed to break HT6 prototype no3 after beating it up for 2 hrs. We rebuilt it, made it stronger, and spent another year testing it – giving you the HT6 we have now.

Three years ago in Romania I blew up a rather nice 7’6 #3 – which is still work in progress.

Last weekend Mikael Blomberg found (and exploited!) a weakness in the HT12 that ultimately might have cost us a lot of money, time and reputation to put right. So I’m indebted to him – truly.

Fly rod testing with the Rod Killers 🙂 🙂 🙂

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