Round 3 – Entry 23 – Luca Prono

I met Paul last year in Milan. It was not long since the flycasting world championship in Estonia and my great friend Stefano managed to convince him to make a quick stop in Italy while going to Hungary, so that we could cast together and try his rods. We had just started casting with the #5 in races and Paul’s astonishing casts seemed impossible to reproduce.

My first impression among the HT10 was frustrating due to the fact that I found it hard to load it properly. Thanks to the amazing advice that Paul gave me and to the daily training, the stiff rod #6 I was using, after six months of casting sessions, seemed to become insufficient and that was the moment when my HT10 arrived.

The competition path is very hard and you go from moments of excitement, due to record distances, to moments of doubtful difficulties, but lucky enough… there is fishing! I long waited to take my HT10 to fishing because I only thought about it as my competition rod. When I first used it to pike fishing I understood that this rod can perform beautifully for casts with big pike streamers.

I’ve just returned from German Baltic sea, an amazing place where you can fish big pikes in low water. It wasn’t easy due to the high salinity but I had great moments with the always sexy HT!

Thanks again Paul, and see you at the World championship 2018!

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