Round 3 – Entry 20 – Stuntman Ronan

9lbs!! Such a high..

I have sat at the computer a number of times to write my entry for the Hot Torpedo Owners Club competition.. Each time I drew a blank! Many great fishing events spring to mind but which one to write about? I couldn’t choose! So, today I decided to go out and fish, as per usual, with the 6 weight in search of a great shot. I have the 4 too, but the 6 was the better choice for the big fish river I decided to fish for the day. My plan was to try to get a great under water shot with the rod and a fish in it, maybe my face underwater too but that didn’t happen! What did happen was that I landed a feckin big trout! I set up the 10 sec timer and took one pic before releasing the brute. This fish was a real high!! On a tough day with a number of fishermen about I was happy to catch this fish behind another angler..

On another note about this rod and its builder. I have known Paul since about 2003. We have shared many a campfire, beer, bottle of Palinka, days on the river, multiple sunrises after we pushed through till dawn, many mutual friends, a few beers, seals fur, at least 5 countries, some stunts, a tv show, a youtube channel, some beers,  the list goes on. I think one of the first times we shared a campfire Paul told me he was going to design and build fly rod and call it the Hot Torpedo. We laughed, but he was serious and I believed him! One thing I’ve learned about Paul over the years is that nothing happens quickly – but if he says he’s going to do something he will do it! It may take a while but it will happen! This rod is no exception and it’s a pretty accurate reflection on what a 6 weight should be!

More to come about the 4 weight!!


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