Round 3 – Entry 19 – An Ren Tan

My most recent fishing acquisition is the newest member of the HT family, the HT4. Fast with feel, and virtually unparalleled attention to detail are rare qualities that somehow collided in Paul Arden’s brain. Actually I’m writing this because I want a new shirt. If you need an excuse to purchase a HT4, and you are not a tackle tart, the new Sexyloops invisibility shirt is a justification enough.

The HT4 is by far my favorite trout rod that I’ve cast this year. Besides being beautifully hand crafted by Lee, this rod is incredibly versatile. In a pinch with a WF4F line, it will cast just about anything from a Gurgler for sea trout, to a size 20 parachute. The HT4 feels great when prospecting with dry flies out of a boat. However, I think the rod is best when one is accurately putting small to mid sized dry flies into hard to reach pockets. The progressive action, forgiving tip and a hint of flex in the butt section, is able to provide the user loads of feedback, reach and mend-ability. This allows members of the HT4OC to fish areas where others might not be able to get to while still being able to protect tippets thinner than 5x or 0.15mm, though I rather not fish stuff that fine.

I hate Paul. He is the root of all evil and consumer spending. Where’s my HT6?

[ 🙂 🙂 🙂 HT6 is coming, dude!! ~ Paul]

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