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SEXYLOOPS® One Day Flycasting Masterclass
with Paul Arden

The Sexyloops One-Day Masterclass is a comprehensive course covering a wide range of casts and techniques suitable only for experienced flyfishers.

Thorough teaching programme

The course begins with the double haul and fishing distance casting and is followed with lessons in slack line presentations, flycasting mechanics and practise drills, roll and switch casts, specialist casts, single handed Spey casts and mastering the wind. There is also a presentation on lessons learned in competition casting.

Course numbers are limited to 12 participants which gives time for one-to-one teaching on each aspect. The emphasis is on understanding the cast, its purpose, how and when to use it and how to practise it. Each casting module is a 15 minute demonstation followed by a 30 minute practical. As well as being able to execute the cast, there is a focus on how to teach it.

Paul Arden
Paul is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Instructor, a member of the Assocation of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors since 1996, a successful competition caster (British record holder in 5-weight distance for example), experienced casting demonstrator including Chatsworth Angling Fair as well as Danish, Dutch and British Fly Fairs and FFF Conclaves, has taught numerous anglers to instructor level as well as furthering education throughout Europe, North America and New Zealand and of course owns and runs Sexyloops.

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