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Core Definitions

Magnus Angus, Paul Arden, Lee Cummings, Ben Dixon, Grunde Løvoll,
Stefan Siikavaara, Walter Simbirski, Mark Surtees.


Stroke (or Overall Stroke): A coordinated series of movements which includes a Casting Stroke.
A Stroke starts when the rod hand first moves in the direction of the cast.

Casting Stroke: When the rod applies force to the line in order to form a loop.

Pause: Period between Casting Strokes.


Casting Arc: Change of rod-angle during a Casting Stroke.

Casting Stroke Length: Distance the rod hand travels during a Casting Stroke.

Drag: Rod translation during the early part of a Casting Stroke
Drag establishes momentum in the direction of the cast with little or no rod rotation. (Not essential to all casting styles.)

Loop: A moving length of line delivered past the rod tip, formed when the rod tip curves the line under or over itself.

Static Loop: A length of line formed into a D under the rod tip.


Drift: To position the rod between casting strokes.
Moving the rod to adjust Casting Arc, Stroke Length or Casting Plane. Drift applies little or no force on the line.

Slide: A form of drift where the rod is moved along the line towards the line hand.

Sweep: To position the line.
Sweeping or pulling the line into position.

Mend: A form of Sweep after the Casting Stroke.
A mend may be made, either while the line is in the air (aerial mend) when the caster moves line in the rod-leg of the loop, or later when the line has straightened or fallen.

Lift: An upward Sweep.
The primary purpose of Lift is to begin to clear line from the water prior to a further line positioning movement or Casting Stroke.


Creep: Unintentional movement of the rod in the direction of the next Casting Stroke.
Creep is a persistent casting fault where the rod is unintentionally moved so the Casting Arc and/or Casting Stroke Length of that cast are reduced.

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