The Snap Cast

Key Points:

  • To make the Snap Cast we get the line moving and then sharply cut under the line with the rod tip. The remaining line accelerates.
  • To learn the Snap Cast, I recommend starting by drawing a large half circle with the rod tip, speeding up as the rod tip cuts underneath. Ultimately make this circle narrower and the cut faster.


  • The Snap Cast can be used as a fancy method of catching the fly or fly line. While I often use it in the practise field I don’t recommend it when fishing because chances are that you’ll hook yourself!
  • It can be used to quickly remove line from a Drift or from the path of a powerboat.
  • It has apparently caught a few fish that have risen behind the angler. These anglers are the same guys who also win the Lottery.
  • It has uses on the delivery cast to create both 180 degree curves as well as 90 degree hooks.
  • As a Spey line-repositioning move it has many uses, all of which we will cover later in the series.
It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

One of the best sections on Sexyloops is from my great Spanish friend, Carlos Azpilicueta. Carlos is without a doubt both one of the world’s finest presentation casters as well as one of our finest instructors. As well as the Snap Curve Cast  you will find Casting Games, Articles and a section on Presentation Casts. We will also be covering Presentation Casts, in full, later in this series.

Carlos’ complete section can be found here:

(There is also a Spanish version for our Spanish and South American friends!)

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