The Five Essentials

These are Bill Gammel’s Five Essentials of Fly Casting. Bill is one of the most gifted instructors that I have ever met. Arguably no one has done more for flycasting instruction. A great guy and fun to fish with; I look forward to the day when he and his sons come over to Malaysia to fly fish for Giant Snakehead with me!

Bill Gammel and Rick Hartman in Texas

Bill has also written two brilliant must-read articles for Sexyloops:

In this video you will also find various practise drills:

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

There are very many important points in this video, I particularly like the last one “Intended Tip Path” (which Bill likes too!):

[small disclaimer: this video was shot some time ago before instructor associations made the requirement that tailing loops be demonstrated using only one fault at a time. The tailing loops in this video start out with too narrow a Casting Arc and then become a faulty force application. Tailing loops will be covered in more detail shortly!]

And finally, if you want to resolve the Five Essentials down to One Essential, then I would agree with Rick Hartman, when he says that the most important Essential is the proper application of force. We will be talking a lot more about Rick later.

Many thanks to Bill Gammel for the incredible service to fly casting instruction that he has given us with his Five Essentials.

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