Pretty straight-forward introduction to the fly fishing rod and fly line. For a practise leader a good choice would be a 9ft tapered leader to 1X or approximately a 10lbs point. Put a nice colourful piece of fluff on the end (glo-bug yarn is perfect).

A straight piece of 10lb line will not suffice. At the very minimum you need place a butt section of around 25lbs to stop the line from hinging as the loop unrolls at the flyline/leader transition. There are lots of leader designs and that’s a whole world unto itself!

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

The rod I am using is the prototype HT Instructor Fly Rod that I designed (with help) and is the same blank as the HT Pro 6. The one in these videos is either the SA MED 5, SA MED 6 or Barrio 125 in 5-class. The leader is a RIO Powerflex tapered leader.

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