Spey Casting Tips

After looking at the collection of videos I decided to add some more ideas for you to try. The first is something I learned by watching a very fine Spey caster and AAPGAI Master Tony Riley, who was using his elbow to rotate the rod in the forward cast. Since then I’ve incorporated this movement into my Spey Casting – it works very well when casting on-shoulder, however off-shoulder I think you need to swap hands!

This movement is – I think – the same that Al Burr uses and calls “Torque Twist”. Torque Twist is something that I also use – for fast overhead fly-first shots in Jungle Fly Fishing, but in this case I’m sure that it’s a form of pull-back. [If you’ve watched all the videos in this collection then you might know what I’m talking about :p ]

The rising rod tip created by rotating the thumb outwards I learned from Matthew Howell MCI in Australia. He also pointed out how well it works with the delivery casting style that I’ve just mentioned while we were playing around with Spey Casts in Kuala Lumpur seven years ago. [It’s quite possible that this is what Lefty Kreh was talking about in his Five Principles and the Belgian/Austrian Cast]

The straight arm when moving the line around is something I picked up from the late Ian May at an AAPGAI Meet. As a method of emphasising movements when initially learning these casts it is excellent.

The Closed/Open Stance vs Closed/Closed stance I learned from Lee Cummings and Tony Riley at a late night beer session.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

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Cheers, Paul