Spey Casting Fundamentals

This is introduction to the Spey Casting section. There are a few key points:

  • 1: The D-loop should be positioned downwind.
  • 2: Position your feet square to target, so that you are not off-balance or at an awkward angle when making your forward cast. I generally prefer “closed stance” but there are different opinions on this matter.
  • 3: Aim for consistent anchor placements of approx one rod length to each side, such that the anchor is laying straight and “standing on its toes”.
  • 4: Anchor should be aligned 180 degrees to target.

Biggest Tip – watch the end of the line doing the Sweep and guide it around with your eyes into position. (I learned this tip from Lee Cummings and it’s a good one).

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

And finally, just to get you excited, here is what you can do with Spey Casting after you have grown a beard…

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