Snap T 90 BH

Well if you’ve followed all the videos up to now then you probably don’t need all the associated explanations. However if you haven’t then here’s what you need to know…

There is an upstream wind and trees behind you preventing an aerialised/overhead backcast. You have a dry fly on your leader – or at least something not too heavy, nor a sink tip line, both of which will require a Circle C/Spey Cast. You are standing on the true right bank (as I am in this video). Of course you may be on a lake, but this is the classical structure for using/learning this cast.

You can of course make a backhand Single Spey in exactly these circumstances. The Single Spey by comparison is more delicate, is one less movement, but also a little more challenging for most people.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

However where the Snap Cast comes a little into its own, compared for example to the Single Spey, is the ability to slip more line out from the tip at various points prior to the final D-loop set up. This comes in rather handy when fishing because often we finish the retrieve with little fly line outside the rod tip.

Now this is slightly more advanced – so please learn the basic cast first – however you can slip line on the lift, slip line after the snapped loop has formed and is in the air, and finally you can slip some line at the beginning of the upstream Sweep. Any and indeed all of which will give you a larger D/V-loop and consequently more distance on the delivery cast.

Combining Slips (and Pokes) within the structure of Spey Casting really is the secret to making single-handed Speys highly fishable for trout and other single-handed applications.

Do you have a question regards this cast? We have an excellent discussion Board that you can find here. Alternatively feel free to drop me an email, your involvement make this resource better. You can email me on – sometimes it can take me a week to reply, it all depends on where I’m fishing and if I have Internet.

Cheers, Paul