Snap T 45

This is pretty much self-explanatory and follows similarly to the 45 degree angle changes on the Circle-C. Obviously once you have worked out both 45 and 90 degree angle changes the next thing is to play with all angle changes.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.


This collection of videos was filmed with the Sexyloops HT Instructor 6 fly rod all models can be found here. The lines used were various lines – I particularly like long belly WF and DT lines, and used these for these teaching videos. If you are really going to get into your single handed Spey casting then there are lines that make the tasks easier. These lines have a light front taper, and a heavier shorter belly – at the extreme they are great for Speys and terrible overhead!

You can find out more about this cast and just about everything else  on the Board. For this cast you can ask here. Alternatively drop me an email – you’ll need to email me in any case to join the Board!

Cheers, Paul