Pile Cast (/Puddle)

The first half of this video is the classic Pile Cast as used for imaginary (or at best occasional) downstream presentations. It is, or was, an important cast in instructor associations, where it brought up the significance of the low backcast (/180 degree trajectory rule) but as a fishing cast it really is one of those “not-very-useful” presentation casts. (I’m sure someone will disagree with this of course!)

There are three ways of throwing a low angled backcast; 1) slowly rotate/tilt the casting arc so that the backcast is low 2) pause so that the line simply drops into position and 3) use the “Belgian Cast” i.e. a side backcast, followed by a vertical forward cast (as they use in Belgium all the time).

The Puddle Cast on the other hand, which is a far less extreme version of the Pile Cast is a very useful cast. It follows a similar principle and as you can see from the video by combining it with a Side Cast the slack can be carefully controlled.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

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