Pick-up and Lay-down

Before moving to the Pickup and Laydown video I recommend you do this next!

Flycasting Manual – Three Key Drills:

The Pick Up And Lay Down Drills Part2

This is one of your Core Casts, or at least we used to teach that it was! The below text was written for the original PUALD video. Nowadays I would just point out that the Lift and the lowering of the rod after the loop has formed are not part of the Casting Stroke…



The Pick-Up and Lay-Down cast consists of four movements; 1 the Lift, 2 the Backcast – pause – 3 The Forward Cast and 4 lowering the rod.


  • No Lift = Big fish scaring splash followed either by the line coming directly at you or a big open back cast.
  • Starting with the rod tip too high – START WITH THE ROD TIP TOUCHING THE WATER!!!
  • Too much wrist, creating too wide a Casting Arc and consequently a big sloppy loop. (Casting Arc is the angle change that the rod moves through during the Casting Stroke – we haven’t used much in the way of casting terminology yet – these are our core definitions).
  • Poor timing! Not giving sufficient time for the backcast to fully unroll.
  • Not stopping the rod on the forward cast and consequently forming a wide open loop.

Always remember: strive for Good Form!

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.


Now, I’m going to link you to a rather old page on Sexyloops, Minimum Power. The purpose of this is for you to try making the cast with as little force as necessary. This is not perhaps the best instructional page because the reel is twisted at 90 degrees, which is a completely different topic! For now I would recommend keeping the reel aligned to the casting plane. So, as a practise drill, try making the Pick-Up and Lay-Down cast with less force, concentrating on those nice loops that I’ve discussed before (and will mention again and again!). http://www.sexyloops.com/flycasting/minimumpower.shtml

Thank you to the Late (and Great) Tom White for the inverted reel drill.

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