Overpowered Curve Cast

This can be quite a tricky cast to learn. Particularly the backhand version. So the key points are this:

  • The loop plane needs to be approximately horizontal
  • The loop trajectory is best if slightly inclining
  • The loop must be overpowered

The result is that once the loop has straightened two things happen; 1) the fly pops around and 2) a wave returns back down the fly line bending it into a curve.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

When first learning this I think it is easier to start off with a short length of fly line – only 4 or 5 metres. The force application is sudden and late (pull-back is very effective). Be sure not to shoot line since you want that loop to straighten with plenty of excess energy.

It will help – particularly when first learning this cast – if you have a heavier fly and a shortish leader.

The main use for the Overpowered Curve Cast is for casting the fly and line end around objects – which with practise can be done with good precision. It can also be used for casting down and across with a drag free drift and plenty of stack-mending. It’s also “going away” shot when sight fishing with pulled flies – I use it on Giant Snakehead and I know it’s a Tarpon shot.

This is definitely a good one to ask about on the Board! I’ve intentionally left this one a little sparse on information 🙂

If you learn this cast from Sexyloops then well done; everyone who learns this cast from me gets a congratulatory handshake.

Cheers, Paul

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