Ha! Well that’s all the APP videos loaded into this section. The only other video that I really think should be in this section at the moment – especially for those of you who are planning to fish with me at my home in Malaysia – is Fly Casting Shots for Snakehead…

Now we have plans for this section, as I mentioned in the top video I would like to give you some practise drills. Well actually I’m taking it further and giving you a course that you can train yourself using, that I mentioned way back on the introduction page in this section. It is The Sexyloops Fly Casting Challenge.

The next videos will be about this Fly Casting Certification.

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

And for those of you interested in tackle (which is everyone of course!), these videos were shot with the final version of the Hot Torpedo Instructor rod which is the rod that went into production and is our HT6 and HT6 Instructor blank. We manufacture the highest quality fly rods that have comfortable casting actions and are designed to cast flylines that are AFFTA compliant.

Got a question about any of this stuff? Try asking here on the Board. Alternatively drop me an email.

Cheers, Paul