The Double Haul

Finishing the “Essentials” chapter in this series is learning the Double Haul.

Key points:

  • The Double Haul is works by directly increasing line speed with the line hand.
  • The haul occurs during both back and forward strokes (later in the series we will fine-tune the timing as well as the length of the hauls). It is possible to haul on just one stroke of course; this is then called the Single Haul, which we will also discuss later.

There are two major faults: 1) not getting your hauling hand back up as the loop is unrolling – i.e. no “up” and 2) creating slack when doing this – the most likely cause of which is too wide a back loop.

Many casters when first learning the Double Haul, seem to have a problem keeping the rod hand stationary while bringing the line hand back up to meet it and, instead, bring both hands together – please don’t do this. Study the pantomime carefully!

It’s an exploration. Bring a fly rod. Designed for you by Paul Arden.

Once you have mastered the Double Haul, you will be in the fortunate position of being a good enough flycaster to buy the fly rod that I have part-designed and which I am using throughout this series – the Hot Torpedo #6 🙂

Thanks to Lee Cummings for the 1-2-3-4 drill – Lee’s the first instructor I know to put numbers to the exercise! And many thanks to the Late Mel Krieger for the “Down-Up” and pantomime teaching. I was lucky to learn from Mel a few times. He was an incredible and gifted instructor and truly an inspiration. Here is a page on Mel from another great instructor, my good friend Jason Borger:

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