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The New Zealand Fishery is Under Threat – But You Can Help!

I’ll keep this short and to the point. The Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill is being passed through parliament. The bill aims to provide better protection for indigenous fish such as galaxids, whitebait, eels, bullies, torrent fish, mudfish and other species. While there is no argument with this protection, those who drafted the bill have taken the opportunity to slip in anti-trout sections which if allowed to become law, pose a serious threat to trout and angling in New Zealand.

Some of the key threats the Bill contains are;

·  It allows the removal of trout and salmon from particular rivers and lakes, even if they are significant trout and salmon fisheries.

·  It does not require DoC to consult with Fish & Game as the statutory managers of trout and salmon.

·  It allows trout to be part of Treaty of Waitangi settlements with iwi.

·  The possibility of the sale of trout is also opened up under the bill.

It is vital that anglers, both local and from abroad, make their feelings known about the proposals to stop them becoming law.

The bill is now being considered by a select committee which is asking for public submissions. You can make your submission here. You have until October 25th. I also urge you to get in touch with the powers that be. Below is a list of email address. Please have your say! Here is a link to the Fish & Game website where you’ll find a lot more information on the topic. 

Labour  – Jacinda Ardern j.ardern@ministers.govt.nz

New Zealand First – Winston Peters w.peters@ministers.govt.nz

Greens – James Shaw j.shaw@ministers.govt.nz

Marama Davidson Marama.Davidson@parliament.govt.nz

National Party – Simon Bridges simon.bridges@parliament.govt.nz

ACT – David Seymour david.seymour@parliament.govt.nz

Thanks for your help in this vitally important matter.

Tight Lines, Ronan..

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Releasing a 6lb backcountry brown. NZ fly fishing could be in jeopardy if the bill gets passed into law. Please have your say!

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