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Auction time…

Last Saturday I explored a different part of Lake Dunstan here in Otago. There was no river nearby so I didn’t expect many fish but if I don’t explore I don’t learn. I had about 6 small trout so not a bad result. I’m really looking forward to fishing the same water in a couple of months when the fish are finished spawning and back on the prowl. They will be here.

On Sunday I tied flies.

The auction to raise money for “Legend Knut Systad” is happening on the board. I’m giving a day’s fishing with myself to the cause so if anyone would like to fish with me on the Southern Lakes then put on a bid! Join me entirely at your own risk. I’m not a guide and have no insurance apart from a life jacket!

Happy bidding…


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    Great! Comments are open!! I would love to get some feedback on my weekly reports so please don’t be shy..

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